May 09, 2015


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Hello and welcome to my blog!

I'm Emma and I'm a research scientist. I completed my PhD at the end of last year and have now started this blog to give an insight into my job and life at Warwick University.

I was always interested in learning and enjoyed many of the subjects that I studied at school. It was only when I came to study my Biology A-level that I found my passion for science. Since then I have been at Warwick completing a degree in Biology followed by a research Masters and PhD. Some people ask me why did you stay and why continue beyond a degree. My answer is that I enjoyed what I was doing and was interested and motivated to continue so I did.

Everyone is different and their experiences are therefore different. I enjoyed my degree but hated all the exams! At the end of my degree I did a lab-based research project for 6 weeks and really enjoyed it. I then realised that my best marks came from practical work and started to find the niche in science that appealled the most to me, leading to my postgraduate study. I did enjoy my PhD - I wish I had spent less time worrying about getting results and appreciated the learning process more if anything!

And now I am trying to find my feet as a research scientist. I find the role very challenging, you have to organise your own time and being responsible for a project where you have to work out what you need to do, what equipment you need, how you need to do it........but I am lucky to have a very supportive research group and the confidence from my PhD to believe that I can manage to pull it off.

I think being a research scientist is a really unique role. It offers you flexibility, variety, many challenges and the ability to work both independently as and part of a team. Hopefully I can convey this as I update you on my progress!

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