October 18, 2005


Ok tout le monde, my mullet in plain view for all to see (apologies for my lack of eptitude at formatting this entry). I don't want any fake compliments, thank you, I would rather all joined with me in railing against the French hairdressing machine. Hence any comments that don't agree that my mullet is truly hideous may or may not be deleted, I just can't say. I also attach a wonderful picture of a party we had while my hair was still attached to my head, and another of my housemates. If anyone knows of a way I can attach a video to this baby, I can give you a preview of the Mullet Song, penned by my good self and mullet friend Shelley, to which the words are: "Mullets together, happy as one: Mullets together, having such fun". Of course you cannot experience the musical genius without hearing us breaking it down, but there you go.

I would just point out that no-one has taken up my kind offer of coming to visit me in the next two weeks, which you are really missing out on. Lille is full of great things, like dog crap and men who can't keep their eyes in their sockets. Go on, give it a try.

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    Lightening appears to be striking in one of your pictures… rock on

    18 Oct 2005, 19:42

  2. Never mind the hair – what's that expression supposed to be? The hair looks longer than the two inches you previously claimed – I'm sure it'll grow on you (geddit?)

    18 Oct 2005, 23:20

  3. OK, so maybe you said three. I'm not getting into arguments like that.

    18 Oct 2005, 23:21

  4. tp

    I like the idea of a hair-pun comptition!

    Hair today, gone tomorrow!
    It looks like a cut above the rest!

    Um… I'm done. Hugs!

    20 Oct 2005, 07:22

  5. Gotta agree with Rittman there – the expression is what intrigues me in that photo. The new hairdo makes you look more serious. And no I don't know what that's supposed to mean. Wait! It makes you look younger! Is that a good thing? Oh, I don't know! Hair jokes are wasted on me. Have you found a new place yet? Might be useful for people wanting to come over… Take care!

    20 Oct 2005, 11:59

  6. jen

    ive always thought the french have crap hair. at least now you look like one- good for blending and all that.

    Maybe if you straighten it and put some red in it you can go for the susan kennedy look? Although then you will look like an english french aussie. hmmm

    it'll grow. i find the best way to ensure you get a good length is to only go to the hairdressers every 6 months.

    au revoir

    j x

    29 Oct 2005, 19:33

  7. Emma! I really like your hair. It makes you look all grown up and sophisticated. Na just got given a 'mullet' too (so she thinks, it's actually pretty funky!) so they're obviously 'all the rage'. You are one foxy lady and I love you and miss you millions! xxx

    08 Nov 2005, 00:24

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