October 13, 2005

Fahionable Hair Part ii (Me)

So here's a thing. There are some days of a woman's life when she wishes she was male. Today is one of those days. Gentlemen, be thankful. When you grow out of your bad fashionable haircuts, you can cut them off. Not so the ladies. When you go to a French hairdresser, show them a picture of a nice, shoulder length haircut and they give you a THREE INCH MULLET you can do nothing about it. Just cry. It took me 4 years to grow out my last ill-advised haircut. In 4 years' time I will be nearly 26!!! By that time I'm meant to have a house and babies and stuff. But no, I will have to hide away in a hole until such time as I can look in the mirror without crying.

Oh yes, and to top it all, I al homeless, one of my schools hates me, I am alone and in France and I wanna go home!!! That is the end of my rant.

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  1. Nooo! Why not hop into Belgium for a day? They're uber-nice people! And wear a hat – or wait, that's not allowed in French schools, is it? Good luck with the home search and don't be homesick, at least you moved to a sunnier place! Oh and try out the Lille zoo! When I was there on a school trip, we couldn't find the entrance and managed to walk all around it (and then indeed finally saw the entrance…) – tell me what it's like! Take care!

    13 Oct 2005, 21:18

  2. Hey Thor! Good to see you back on my blog hehe! I went to the zoo and looked over the bridge, but I didn't go in – maybe later huh? Also, can you please let me know when the Rev cd comes out? I would be much obliged :)

    14 Oct 2005, 11:03

  3. Hi Emma, please put up a photo of your new haircut. then Thor and I could organise a vote on whether it's actually pretty nice or necessitates the reinvasion of France.
    Hope you find a home, I'm sure you will.
    Glad to hear that the teaching etc is going well :)

    14 Oct 2005, 18:17

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