June 26, 2005


Me and Naomi did the Campus-Leamington walk today. Correction: the Coventry-Leamington walk, as we walked from Wing Wah's Chinese (on the Fletchamstead Highway) right to our front doors. When we set out just before 2.30 pm, we were confident we could do it in 3 hours. Our naiveté is probably best shown in the fact that I slumped on my living room sofa at approximately 7.50pm. However, it is an experience I have always wanted to live, and I am most proud that I did it in a pair of Tesco flip flops that I bought specially for the occasion (I was wearing heels at the time, which are now languishing in Westwood Parish Office). My foot may look like a small alien, and I may ache all the way up to my abs, but it's definitely worth it for the memories. Not looking forward to tomorrow though; I have a feeling I will be literally petrified from the waist down and unable to leave my bed for several weeks. Please come and visit me with grapes.

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  1. I'm very impressed!! I did the campus to leamington walk after top b with friends, was a lovely experience, especially seeing the sunrise as we got into leam. Hopefully you won't ache too much, most of my pain had gone within 24 hours, so hopefully you will be the same. (offers you grapes just in case!)

    26 Jun 2005, 21:55

  2. Aw, cheers mate

    26 Jun 2005, 22:01

  3. Prinith

    Just worked out how to get on here. Wow well done. Very impressed…and I was proud of myslef walking from birmingham city centre to Selly Oak (both bristol road route and along the canals). It's one of those challenges you have to do before you leave a place. Guess you didn't go to 545 either. Becci and I were still sorting our kitchen

    27 Jun 2005, 00:03

  4. no worries Emma, it may just be coincidence but drinking loads of orange juice and having a long bath the following day seemed to help! Let me know if you survive without feeling too bad mate!

    27 Jun 2005, 00:10

  5. Update: the morning after I can barely move. However, that does not stop me from being up bright and early to badger job agencies! Not sure that my feet fit into any of my shoes anymore, but why let a little thing like that stop me? Heck no, I'm working through the pain… :)

    27 Jun 2005, 08:44

  6. Impressive stuff Emma!! Hope the job agencies went well and was worth the torture of walking round town with aching feet in this heat!! My feet hurt from just a 20 min walk home from work today d'oh!

    27 Jun 2005, 19:52

  7. I got a job and started straightaway! What a miracle… and 3 minutes from my front door. Couldn't have asked for better. And a paramedic to tend my foot (I'm working for the ambulance service!) :D

    27 Jun 2005, 22:58

  8. Yay!! Well done!! Sounds like a perfect day! You deserved it after dragging yourself out of bed this morning with how much you ached! Hope the paramedics were nice to you hehe. Congratulations once again x

    27 Jun 2005, 23:13

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