January 08, 2006

¡ Flamenco !

Well hello there kids! Long time, no blog, I know, but with the promised 10meg ADSL hitting a rue des Stations near me in the next week*, I thought I'd better get back into this blogging lark. It's the only reason I'm paying however much I'm paying to be a part of the Warwick Graduate Association (that and continued library membership, which I am obviously getting a lot out of here in France. I wonder if they do mail order…), and so I ought to use it. Plus it will give me something to do with my brain with all this free time. I am still on the search for something useful to do with my free time, but in the mean time, I thought I would take up flamenco.

Those who are close to me know how much I love to dance, and to dance flamenco has always been a dream of mine. After my sister bought me Strictly Ballroom (possibly my favourite film, and controversially beating Dirty Dancing in the "favourite dance film" stakes), my passion was inflamed. I never dreamed, however, of reaching the dizzy heights of dance fame that I have achieved in such a short amount of time.

As you can see, I have already earned my place as flamenco's hottest new talent. Somewhat embarassingly heading the line-up in preference to hot Spanish names such as Lita Delgado, I have nonetheless earned my position by wowing the critics both Spanish and otherwise. Unfortunately, the mullet didn't quite cut it, and I have to wear a wig, but I feel beautiful and elegant in my (home-made) full-skirted, beaded dress. Obviously, I am not leaving my pupils out in the cold, and they support me fully, knowing how much my entertaining career means to me. Now just bring on the tourist season…

*ISP Alice's claims cannot to date be guaranteed

** neither can mine

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  1. Juliette

    I tried to learn flamenco when i was 17…......MAN it was soooooooo hard! A really good laugh though. But the problem is, you have to co-ordinate twirling your wrists, moving your arms, moving your legs and playing castanets all at the same time!! Whilst attempting to look smoulderingly sexy in a latin kinda way. Pas facil!!

    08 Jan 2006, 15:57

  2. Pas facile si tu es Juliette… what can I say, some got it, some don't…

    08 Jan 2006, 16:26

  3. thomaso

    Myself As a bloke would like to know are there any men who do sevillanas or is it a female dominated dance?

    28 Jul 2007, 17:05

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