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March 07, 2006

Working in Canada

Maybe you will want a job while you are here! Not everyone gets one, because things are cheap here and the exchange rate is pretty good coming over, so I find I am spending way less money than I did in first year. But, I have a job anyway, so here is some information about it!

You can only work on campus with your study permit. This is okay – there are lots of jobs and they're all pretty fun. Most people work for the AMS (Alma Mater Society, much like the Student's Union, it's a kind of student government I think – see link), but I think you can work for the library and stuff too (but I don't know anything about that, perhaps it is just rumour).

Anyway, AMS jobs! If you look on the website you can see lots of the AMS-run things. I work at the Common Ground, which is a coffee shop. It is really nice there – the work is fun, the people are nice, I'm totally glad I got this job. It sells really good bagels, and you get to take leftover ones home for free, if you want! Also, the unlimited free tea you get while on shift is pretty sweet indeed! I applied for all nine (I think) different jobs, but only got one offer (boo hoo). They are quite competitive, but they have quotas for international students I think, since it is the only place we can work, so all the international students I know that applied got hired.

The other jobs are Walkhome, which is a free service that involves walking people home in a group of two after 9pm. You can either call up for a walk home, or people drop into the stand in the JDUC. It's a pretty awesome thing to do, but remember how cold it gets in winter, okay, walking around at 2am.
There's also the P&CC, the Greenroom (used book store that also makes badges and sells various awesome things, I wanted to work here, boo), TAPS (the Queen's Pub and Alfies), Destinations (bus ticket shop), erm, I can't remember the others – they're all pretty awesome though, I don't know anyone who hates their job. Because they are student run, your managers etc. are all students, so it is pretty relaxed.

The pay is, um, okay. Minimum wage, which is $7.45 CDN an hour I think. (This translates to about 3.70 GBP - not much in English money, but remember how cheap things are here!).

You have to go and get a social insurance number I think, but I'm pretty sure I got paid without one anyway. BUT you should totally get one, its easy and free and another nice card to have in your wallet.

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