May 17, 2011

Reflections on AP2

It was decided by me and my mentor that I have now met every standard, so I got all of those ticked off on my AP2 form. So that's a good start.

Strengths from section one:

-Good relationships with young people (my pupils mostly seem to like me)

-Very positive communication skills (although I'm very shy about talking to other members of staff still. However, I have improved massively since starting at my PP2 school).

-PPD is a definite strength (I am good at evaluating, improving, reflecting, coming up with new ideas)

Strengths from section two:

-Good subject knowledge (natch)

-Good assessment records (I do the whole APP thing)

-Good teaching and learning (but not outstanding, yet)

Strengths from section three:

-Good planning (when I get round to it)

-Establishes a good learning environment (a huge improvement from PP1)

Grades: 2, 2, 2, 2 (2). Target grade: 1.

I really really really want my final grade to be a 1, so I've drawn up an action plan for hitting all those criteria. Now I need to get my head down and try my best.

Emma x x x

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