January 30, 2011

PP2 Resolutions

PP2 starts tomorrow, and I'm feeling very excited! I love fresh starts: a new term, a blank exercise book, starting a new save file on a video game... I love all of that. And hand in hand with fresh starts come my favourite things in the whole world: resolutions.

Astrologically, I'm a Pisces (yes I did just bring star signs into this) which means I love to make plans and am always having daydreams of future scenarios, but never follow them through. I have many discarded "action plans" littering my desk. For example, "masters essay 2: plan to start writing by the end of January". Let's see a show of hands: who thinks I've stuck to that plan? Anyone? No? Well done, you're all correct.

[Pause to consider whether the above paragraph might put off possible employers who have googled me. Decide they'd find out soon enough anyway.]

Anyway, tomorrow is a big fresh start for me, and as befits the occassion, I'm going to make some resolutions. I can then reflect (the magic word) on these later and hopefully that will do my professional development a lot of good (and tick some QTS boxes).

1. I will keep my folder up to date (no, really).

2. I will write up and file my observation notes, and these observations will be focused on something I have picked carefully so that they can count as evidence for the QTS standards.

3. I will outline my expectations in the first lesson I teach with each class, and establish my authority so that they respect and fear me (note to self: wear heels).

4. I will make careful notes on all the feedback I'm given. I'm ashamed to say I was one of those people who didn't write down their mentor's advice. I have a good memory and I hate loads of paper everywhere, so I try to avoid making notes. However, I realise now that my mentor probably saw that as me not caring about the advice. Out of respect for my next mentor, I will make written notes.

5. I will get involved in an extra-curricular activity. I went to year 7 choir practice last term, embarrassed myself by trying to sing along (eleven year-olds sing in an unnatuarally high key, which my alto voice can't cope with) and felt too ashamed to ever return again. I'd love to get involved with dance or drama, as I am actually somewhat qualified in those areas.

I think that's enough, I don't want to overstretch myself. I can add some more after I've been there a few weeks.

So guys, what are your PP2 resolutions? Similar to mine or completely different?

Emma x x x

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  1. Laura Mews

    Im liking the idea of some resolutions!
    As I have only been to my PP2 school once so far, (they were closed mon & tues last wk) I think this gives me enough time to make some resolutions today and still give me plenty of time to get going on them!
    I too had a great first day where lots of things were covered including half the day being spent with my professional mentor which wasnt at all the same on PP1!
    Please come see my resolutions on my blog, just give me an hour or so to decide what they will be!

    06 Feb 2011, 17:50

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