November 03, 2010

My Subject Knowledge

During my tutorial today I was told that one of the assessment criteria for SCT6 (my blog) is that I reflect on the progression of my subject knowledge. So to get that box ticked, I'm going to consider what I've done in the past six weeks to improve my subject knowledge.

I started uni LOVING maths. Like, I would do maths for FUN (Weirdo) and I was very good at it (Boff). I left uni not liking maths much at all, and feeling like I was rubbish at it (despite squeezing out a 2:1- mostly due to getting 90% in my Spanish module). So I started the PGCE thinking my subject knowledge needed a bit of work. However, as it turns out, I can actually remember my A level stuff really well. I think this is due to me being taught Further Maths one-on-one at Loughborough uni and also teaching myself a lot of it. I understood it all really well, so remembering it is easy. (I sound like I'm bragging now, don't I? Well, remind yourself how short and speccy I am, and that will make you feel better).

So what have I actually done this half term? I have...

Done subject sessions after school on Wednesdays with a few other maths trainees (big up to you guys, you know who you are!) We've done all the pure modules. I've made mind maps and written out the key points for all of these (available on facebook or via email on request). I'd forgotten how much I love the FP1&2 modules. I'd love to get the opportunity to teach them in PP2 (sadly they don't do it at my PP1 school).

Peer taught Critical Path Analysis, which forced me to revise it.

Been peer taught lots of other topics, which helped enormously.

Started tutoring two pupils, forcing me to revise GCSE and A2 maths.

Bought a Mechanics revision guide and grudgingly looked through it (yuck).

All in all, I'm happy that my subject knowledge is pretty good (you all hate me, don't you?) and that I don't need to do much to improve. So I am theoretically free to focus on other things, like the masters assignment.

Emma x x x

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