June 12, 2011

Maths People: End of Course Celebrations

EDIT 18/6/11: Apparently Jo is sorting out the Leamington side of things. I think the plan is this: go to Varsity first for a little while, to mingle with non-maths people (yuck) and so that those who want an early night and don't want to treck all the way to Leamington can still have a bit of fun. Then we will go to Leamington. I will be taking the number 12 bus (aka my second home) unless there is sufficient space in people's cars for all of us non-drivers to have lifts. The last bus home is 12:15, so that is when I will be leaving.

On the call back day there was some vague talk about going to Leamington for curry and drinks on the last day of the course (Friday 24th June).

You should have all received an email from Nick (thanks for sending that Nick - it is something we need to sort out) asking for someone who knows Leamington to suggest somewhere and make a reservation.

So if you know somewhere good in Leam, please sort something out for us and then email everyone letting us know the plans. Or if you have a better idea, I think we're all open to suggestions (I am especially open to suggestions involving Coventry, but that's just me being selfish).

I'm going to miss everyone so much when the course is over :( Please let's keep in touch!

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  1. There has now been talk about a major PGCE knees up in Cov on the 24th, which obviously clashes with the Leamington idea. Oh the dilemma!

    I’d naturally prefer Leamington as it’s my home town, but I can imagine that my old drinking holes are not to the tastes of most!

    14 Jun 2011, 00:20

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