April 20, 2011

AP2, Q Standards and Subject Knowledge Development

...Are all things I should be thinking/blogging about. But it's my Easter holiday and I'm too busy playing Portal 2 to care about those things right now.*

Speaking of Portal (it's an FPS puzzle game which is very popular with computer geeks- but also cool people like me), there is so much geometry/spatial awareness/lateral thinking involved in playing it. I would encourage your pupils (age 14+?) to get it and emphasise all the cool mathsness of it. But don't emphasise the maths stuff until after they've started playing it, otherwise they'll think it sounds lame and boring.

Actually, there's probably a way of using some of the puzzles in a lesson. Hmmm....

Damn, this blog post was supposed to be nothing to do with teaching. It was supposed to be like, "Ha, look at Emma being all too-cool-for-school with her irrelevant blog post". But somehow it came back to teaching. Have any of you noticed that recently EVERYTHING in your life comes back to teaching? And do you all dream of teaching every night? I do. It's horrible. Especially when you teach an amazing lesson and your pupils learn loads and behaviour is perfect and then you wake up :(

Anyway, I'd better go before I start to reflect on my subject knowledge development *shudder*.

Emma x x x

* I will blog about these things eventually. I promise.

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  1. Hi Emma
    I’m afraid it is just you! You are so cool, you are perfect for school!
    By the way, how was the weather on your exotic holiday? I hope sun-burn wasn’t too much of an issue. Thinking about it, imagine that you had paid for a break in Prague and we had had this weather. No regrets eh?
    Have a great Easter.

    21 Apr 2011, 20:02

  2. Hi Laura,
    The weather was brill. As a blonde (albeit a part-Indian one) I always have to worry about sunburn. And premature ageing of course (after all, I’m not 21 any more).

    The worst thing about the holiday was on my way there (on the 12, natch) I shared my journey with 4 of my pupils!! 2 of my year 7s, 1 of my year 8s and 1 from my tutor group! Just my luck – I was 10 flipping miles from school! Now naturally me, a maths teacher, taking the bus, was the most hilarious thing EVER. And the appropriate response to seeing your maths teacher on a bus is to spend the entire journey reciting your times tables. Actually that was more work than two of them have ever done in my lessons. I might knock up a quick lesson plan and evaluation for it. Ooh – does it count as learning outside of school, like a school trip? Cuz that’s a Q standard ticked off!

    Hope your holiday is as much fun as mine (I seriously doubt it though – today I cleaned the bathroom AND made a new spreadsheet).

    Emma x x x

    21 Apr 2011, 20:36

  3. Lydia Clarke

    it is scary how many things can be linked back to teaching. sometimes if im mixing with non teachers i have to stop myself!

    04 May 2011, 21:11

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