June 29, 2011

A Tribute

Can I just take a few minutes to talk about how completely, utterly amazing Laura Painter is?

I worked with her on PP2, and despite her being horrendously old and a bit "Country Life", we have got on really really well. She cracks me up with her jokes, and is so nice and helpful and she is an outstanding teacher who uses some "cutting-edge" techniques.

Above all, I have enjoyed working with her because she is a HUGE gossip! We have had some brilliant chats on Friday period 4 where we've put the world to rights.

I am sad to not work with her next year, but I am hoping our friendship will continue next year via emails and texts (probably on Friday nights when I'm at the pub and she texts me: "heard any new gossip yet?")

I thought I'd do a blog post rather than telling her any of this in person because I am incredibly unsentimental and I hate emotional situations. I also hate hugs (apart from Sam's hugs. They're good). But I've put enough distance between us now to reveal my true feelings about her. So Laura, this is a tribute to your amazingness. I'll miss you!

Emma x x x

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  1. That was a dirty trick! I’ve only just picked this up!
    I would love to say the same about you with your strange non-hugging, mathematically-obsessive gossiping self,.......but I just can’t in case you get all emotional!
    Well not much chance of that so I will say that the months since February have been a pleasure. The school won’t be quite the same without you and I shall let you know who dares to take over ‘Emma’s Corner’ in the staff workroom!
    SS is a very lucky school.

    04 Jul 2011, 13:14

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