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September 29, 2010

Trig Identities Cheat Sheet

I made a little cheat sheet for trig identities and I thought I'd share it with you:


At the bottom there is a really cool method for remembering/working out the values of sin, cos and tan for the most important angles. I call this the Curly-Stan mathod because the guy who showed it to me was from an Eastern European country that sounded a bit like Curly-Stan but I thought he was saying... Curly-Stan. My Geography is not good.

Emma x x x

Week 52: Wednesday

Today, being a Wednesday, we had Core Professional studies. This morning’s session was about assessment and communication. I found talking about non-verbal communication interesting, because it’s not something I’m usually conscious of. Is my body language sending out the right message? What about the pitch of my voice, is it too high? I don’t think it’s too high normally but when I get excited or angry does it start turning soprano? And what about dress? If I wear power suits and shoulder pads a la Margaret Thatcher will they respect my authority more? If I wear my usual collection of interesting necklaces (eg the one shaped like a Party Ring biscuit), will the pupils think I’m trendy and interesting, or just a bit loopy?

After CPS I had my tutorial which was straightforward. Together me and Andrea my tutor worked on my targets for this term. These are: to improve my Mechanics subject knowledge, to familiarise myself with interactive whiteboards, and to practise speaking more slowly in presentations. I’m a bit ashamed of that last one. I scored 93% on my grade 8 speech and drama exam. I should really know how to speak slowly!

Then after that a few of us maths and maths-with-physics people went over to the learning grid to go over some A level stuff. I was pleased with the turnout; there were seven of us I think. I provided some cookies that I’d made specially last night, and they seemed to go down well. But now I’ll have to bring cookies every week (which I secretly don’t mind because I love baking and I’m one of those eager-to-please people who’ll do anything if they think it might make people like them more). We started with C1 and C2, which most of us turned out to be pretty happy with. The ones who weren’t that happy with it decided they’d rather work on it alone at their own pace which makes perfect sense to me. So, only about an hour after we’d started, we decided to pack up and head over to the pub.

All in all, a pleasant day. Interesting topics covered in CPS seminars, and a nice relaxed chat with some friends in the Dirty Duck.  :-)

Emma x x x

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