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October 21, 2010

Discovering the Trig Ratios: Geogebra Activity

Here is Team Hopper's activity for discovering the trig ratios (SOH CAH TOA).

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Emma's Amazing Trig Circle Thing

I am SO proud of myself for creating this (I am a bit of a technologically impaired duck*) so I thought I'd share it with the world.

It's a Geogebra file which shows the relationship between the unit circle and the sine, cosine and tangent functions.

Emma x x x


*google this term for some lols

Week 3: Thursday

Today was all about using ICT in maths lessons. We have beng using autograph to do loads of different things: find the derivative of sin and cos, find the volume of revolution etc. I will definitely be using autographn in my lessons, because it's really good at showing you what's going on.The little tortoise thing is good for plotting the curves slowly, and you can animate some things too.

In the afternoon we did some more tasks, this time focusing on trig. I'm learning to love Autograph and Geogebra.

Emma x x x

Week 3: Wednesday

Today we were back at uni. In the morning we had a core session. In this session, we peer assessed our CCT2s. I will post my feedback and CCT2 later. I found peer assessing this really hard because there weren't any assessment criteria to compare against, and also because we were assessing the person next to us's work. in maths with our SCT1, we were marking annonymously so I found it really easy to be honest, but in this case I felt really reluctant to be too harsh. I'm just too nice a person 0:-)

Then we did our group presentations about current issues in education. These were interesting, but I'd have preferred a big class discussion to a load of presentations. There are loads of different opinions around which would have made a great heated debate. But oh well.

Some of us mathsies popped into Varsity for lunch. Some of us didn't get served until five minutes before we had to leave for our lecture in MS02. Poor Giulian had to wrap his tuna melt in a paper napkin and eat it on the way.

The first lecture was about academic writing and was given by the fabulous Val. This was quite a useful lecture, I thought. Then we had a lecture on Every Child Achieving Their Full Potential (nee Every Child Matters) which was OK.

It was nice to see everyone again. I hadn't seen anyone since Friday and I really missed them!

Emma x x x

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