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October 14, 2010

Critical Path Analysis

Here is the PowerPoint Sally, Chris and I put together for our peer teaching tomorrow. It's still a work in progress, I have to email it to them to see what they think. critical_path_analysis.ppt


Week 2: Thursday

This morning Hay Sharma, teacher and general educational expert, came to give us a session on assessment. I found it informative and useful. He gave us many useful handouts which I’m going to keep on file and refer to as I go along.

Next we moved onto differentiation. At first we were looking at group work. We were put in different groups from normal. This worked well because I’m used to doing group work with Team Hopper and we each have established roles within the group (eg I’m the organiser, Charlie’s the summariser, Paul is the joker- if this wasn’t a professional blog I could tell you a very funny comment Paul made today about a possible wall display idea). In our new group we did a task where one person observed whilst the other four of us did a domino activity in strict silence. This was interesting because I found I was doing a lot of pointing and hand gestures in order to take control of the task. I suppose I am naturally the bossy one in most groups. After that we did another task where we all had to take on a role (linker, includer, listener, recorder, praiser, sumariser) and try to keep to that role in our discussion. I took the two roles of linker and includer. I found this quite hard because I naturally slipped into my usual role of bossing everyone around. I know I would have found praiser even more difficult though because I’m bad at giving praise. Listener would have been torture for me. I like to have input. I suppose this is something I should work on.

Next we discussed ways of differentiating a task we were given about cogs. We came up with lots of ways of differentiating in terms of resources, task, by outcome, and support. We then had to make a geogebra file to illustrate the cogs turning. Oh dear. Our group did not contain any geogebra experts. We failed very badly at this task. I have put a link to Liz’s blog where she has posted our file.


Geogebra Cogs

Writing about cogs from Elizabeth's PGCE blog

Here is what our group did. We couldn't work out how to get the cogs to spin.

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