June 15, 2017


For me, the definitions of both KM and AM are new. After the preparation for presentation, reading and learning a lot on it. There are too many reading on it, and it all can be a topic to deep research. In the process of WR case, using this two tools can help changing the present limitation of WR and improving it in different aspects. KM is to use knowledge and share knowledge to re-structured the existing knowledge to managing the company in the further development. It is important to have this environment and top managers share their knowledge together. AM includes different contents on manufacturing, it is completed to consider the changes for company. During preparing the presentation, we try to pretend real consultant to solve the problem as real life, and I enjoy the process of discussing and solve the problem step by step. I hope we can show our process of thinking and discussion well.

June 12, 2017

Situation awareness reflection

After doing the workshop of situation awareness this afternoon, there are several reflections. During working or managing, the errors happened by different reasons. Gathering information becomes the most frequent problems for errors. And the memory error and mental model is the first time to meet this kind of problem. However, for me, what I thinking more is the situation for me in working in the previous or future. Later, I will have my first actual job in my life. How to use my knowledge correctly becomes the problem that I am facing. From this workshop, I realize the information is quite important in this work environment, more observation during working for information and behaviours. And try to be confident to self and the mental model for boss is not always correct. It still has a lot to learn in the real work, the training process is necessary for giving the first guideline for employers. After the period of time for working, the working methods or principles can be found and improved. Keeping looking at self is a good way to avoid errors and improving.

June 11, 2017

Last module – KBAM

Time is so quick to the last module in my master time in Warwick. KBAM is also the style module like CBE or LE. More time for self-learning and group learning. However, the final team task is quite difficult and complicated than before. In the first week, our group almost meet everyday to study together and come up with ideas together. It will be easy to have ideas than personnel. There are several challenge in this work:

1. The content of KM and AM are both large, the reading should be done first.

2. The case study of WaveRiders, although we have already known the background of WR, it is still hard to use KM and AM in the case.

3. It is just 20min presentation, it is hard to reduce the content in the presentation, the selection of problem and solution on WR is difficult.

4. The begining of meeting will be confused for everyone, it is huge function of team leader and divided the task.

After several modules' practice of team work and presentation, the methods are familiar to do. The time spends on this work can be controlled. I hope the final work can be more perfect. The KM and AM are both large database and includes a lot knowledge and skills using in the management.

April 27, 2017

Reflection of LE PMA feedback

I always can learn a lot from for feedback, so I read it several times to have a clear reflection for improvement.

For PMA,
Content: 1. The most important missing part of my work is the reasons for rejecting other leadership theories, or the choosing process for the leadership theories. It’s my fault to ignore mentioning other theories.
2. In the coaching process, the personalities of people should be considered.
3. I’m curious about the most frequent payment method of a real company, it is more depending on performance personally or teamwork? And what is the determining factor for pay? Lack of the real work experience, I even don’t know the usual pay methods in companies.

Writing: 1. The introduction is still a lack of some contents.
2. Lack of deep explanation for some choices and theories.
3. The standard of reference.

From the criteria, I found the argument and analysis are the weakest part. For the improvement, the assignment can be more critical and judgment. The thoughts can be deeper and completed. Always lack thinking other sides of the question.

March 19, 2017

RDM reflection 2

For the reflection, it needs to relate more to my own learning and gained from the experience.

I used to be a person who really believes my own feelings when I do the judgement or decision. Now, I try to ask myself more questions before making the decision and give the weight to judge it. And the group meeting gives me more thinking directions in doing the decisions. The group discussion can bring me more ideas about the influence of different factors. The group meeting is useful to expand the thoughts for decisions.

  1. It is a good method to make decisions by group discussion. It will come up more ideas in the same things, it helps to do the brainstorming for every decision.
  2. I learned a lot when doing the group work. Most of the decisions are based on the personal thoughts to judge the weight and importance for this thing. In a group, more ideas will be provided to consider and agreed by most of the members' opinion.
  3. The group members always can provide the thoughts which I missed. It's more effective by group work to make a decision or choose a decision-making method.
  4. Our group has a clear process to do the three decisions by using different methods. The discussion of weight for the each item relevant to the decision use the most of times and disagreement in the group.

March 14, 2017

RDM reflection

After two days' lectures, the knowledge for making decisions has been learned both on 'judgement' and 'decision-making methodologies'. For the first day, judgement is one of the important skills to help to make decisions. But usually, our judgements are not correct by visual or traditional logical thoughts. Decisions should be made in the every company to develop their strategy or product. Then the introduction of different tools to help decision-making in different situations to solve different kinds of decision problems. The exercise for some examples of using tools to make the decision helped a lot to understand the process of that methodology. Although the tools can help the decision-making, the good use of the tool does not mean it will have a good outcome, it still has the people's influence to make the decision or the faults on data at the beginning. And on the tools, the decision or scores for the items are all personnel judgements. It is not a guaranteed method for making decisions, it just helps to robust the decision-making. After analysing the data and comparing, the decision will be more sensible and have evidence to support that decision. All the techniques have their strength, weakness, and requirements.

For the knowledge reflection, there are all on the mindmap for me to review and a clear image of the methodologies of decision making. It also helps me to review the tools and has a structure for the fast listening in lecture.RDM reflection

February 23, 2017

Leadership style

The fourth day of leadership with a Black Swan exercise and CSR presentation.

For the exercise, I volunteer to be a leader of this exercise. I used to always be leaders in a team for programs or organizations so I have some problems left because of my personal characteristics. In the process, lack of the analysis of team members' skills, the efficiency of the task is low. The style of my leadership may be too rushed and didn't make sure of understanding for whole explaination. Under the pressure, always focus more on the results rather than the process.

For the CSR, it is a normal thing for companies to achieve, but not all the company will real do it. The relevant between the best practices and waveriders is not obvious. The small company example on CSR can be showed to help waveriders' vision, goals and annual plans to improve CSR in the plans. It is an improvement part for our presentation.

February 22, 2017


The third day of leadership module includes seminar of culture influences for leadership, presentation of Performance Appraisal system and coaching exercise.

For the seminar, the discussion in the group is interesting. We come from different countries, there is typical leadership style affected by culture. And we have a very deep talk about the Japanese culture and leadership. It is a good way to discuss and learn from different culture people and know more styles of leadership.

In the afternoon, the coach part, at first I can not understand the process of coaching. But, in the simulation of 1 vs 1 coach and coachee, I found it is easy to use this skills to solve problems and a goog method of coaching. Following the process will bring a good result. There are some reflections:

1. A comfortable environment is beneficial for people to open the mind to talk the problems.

2. In the coaching process, the coach using questions guide the coachee thinks the problems and finds the solution.

3. The options are hard to be provided.

4. This process also can be used in daily with a trusted person.

February 21, 2017

Vision Value

In today's leadership module, we do the presentation for policy deployment and balanced scorecard. There are both tools for companies to set the vision, goals, and plans. From this presentation, I realized the vision can be created for a long-term period whether it is a company or a person. For an individual, I used to be thought that 5 years is long and hard to have a plan for the future. But, after today, I found it is a short plan built up by separated annual plan. What I really thought is my own vision for next 5 years and what is my value in the future. I want to have the answer in this year.

The second is an interesting leadership exercise for a hotel simulation. I really enjoy the simulation and also observe the work of leaders and the whole team. There are several feedbacks:

1. For the first induction of task from leaders, it is an important part to give the first view of the hotel. The leader should explain detailed and make sure all understanding.

2. In the process of making decisions, listening all the opinion is important and collect to compare. The decisions need to be agreed with all members.

3. After we are familiar with the situation, the clear structure for doing decisions should be created including the time management.

4. The environment of the team should be no much pressure and discuss together. Leaders can realize the different personality of team members need different methods to make them join or expand their skills.

5. It will a huge achievement from the bad profits coming to excellent results. It is another performance of good leadership.

February 20, 2017

The first day on Leadership Part2

Today is the first day of leadership and excellence part2. We have two exercises of leadership and one seminar.

The first exercise is for the leadership style. Through the cups and paper activity, the different leadership styles are used in teams. The reflection from this exercise is the leader will influence the results a lot. The function of leaders is to manage the time, divided the tasks or listen to other team members. The leadership skills can not be taught in the lecture but it is a good way to learn it from a process in an activity. Every work in the real world has a leader for the task. The different leadership style sometimes decides the results and efficiency of the work.

The seminar topic is about the managcial position chosen by technical skills or leadership skills. The team discussion is very useful to get the results of 'both needs to be balanced'. We also identify the compoents of two skills.

The last exercise we did today is an advanture simulation. The whole team plays the role of the leader, we solve the problem in the process to understand the considerations for leaders. It' hard to consider all the environment conditions and people's relationship and emergencies. The leadership process will be reflected by leaders, it needs changes for themselves to improve next decision. And the decision will be effeced by the other marjority in the group.

The learning style of leadership is what I like so much. But it is important to have reflection time for the exercises.

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