January 20, 2006


I'm at home, I'm happy.

Hamster dance!!

he he he

November 19, 2005

i kinda wanna go home

i kinda wanna get christmas out the way. i dont wanna go home, but i do, its a weird paradox.

i have learnt an important lesson today

don't go to the learning grid with Iain, its really hard to work coz you argue all the time!!!!

damn you iain!!

November 08, 2005

la la la

I'm in the learning grid. It has a very official type smell in here. I'm rather at a loss for something to do. I could go to the library, or i could go get some food. I'm more in favour of the food option as I'm quite hungry really.

Maybe a sausage batch. thats a weird thing to call a sausage roll isnt it? that confused me. at stoney cove they call it a cob. that's even weirder….....

November 04, 2005


i'm kinda bored and have nothing to do so i'm doing this right now.

la la la

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