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December 01, 2004

Steal a thought…..

Twas a night in late November, and some pretty little RaW chaps (unisex word now, none of this chapess shite) toddled off to the Collie to watch Babyshambles.

The pre-gig tension was soothed by Jimmy dancing his trademark dance which somewhat replicates what I imagine a stoned robots dance, along with the dancing came the continual quoting of lyrics – Bless you Jim, bless you.

Anywho, the support acts were so so, nothing which made me want to purchase (downloads are naughty kids) their tracks on CD form anyway.
So we waited, Jimmy danced, I sang along to Sweet Home Alabama. Then a question came from Mr Christopher Teeven's mouth, a question so thought provoking I will share with you now….

What 5 bands which have now broken up/ had someone peg it/ gone crazy and/ or promised never to play again, would you go back in time to watch?

Here are my top 5, this decision was quite hard, people like Ray Charles, Dusty Springfield, Marvin Gaye, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Hendrix, etc don’t count as a band/group so I’ve been able to narrow the field a little

So, in no particular order
1-The Beatles
3-The Travelling Wilburys
4-Led Zeppelin (Rob Plant used to live in the village up from mine)
5-The Seahorses

Bands skirting the top 5 were – The Who, Stone Roses, Take That, the Refreshments, The Kinks

November 01, 2004

When 3 become 1 (its nowt to do with sex though)

This is the way Busted should be, I'm sure many would agree!

Busted are a simple band (they are a band not a group as instruments are played, poorly but played all the same). There is no doubt in my mind that within the next couple of years Busted will be nothing but bargain bin filler.

That is not to say the band is without merit, oh no no no, as the picture portrays there is one redeeming feature…...James Bourne. Not only supremely sexy (I beg to differ with those who suggest a chimp similarity), witty (check out “Fake” and “Psycho Girl”, very funny), full of misplaced teenage angst, self deprecating (or could this be for the audiences benefit, hmm), odd (oddity is a great quality), but this one can sing!

Mr Bourne is also responsible for much of the McFly album, now I shall later comment on McFly, but all I can say is – please listen to several of the album tracks before you dismiss them, also it would be great if you could forget you ever heard “Five Colours in her Hair”

October 30, 2004

Setting the Scene

This is a smashingly good website, I’m not entirely sure how it manages to do what it does, but I’m quite happy it does.

Why would anyone want to use this service, hmmm good question? Personally I enjoy finding new bands to listen to, this is in a non pretentious “Man, I know bands you haven’t heard of” way. More in an “ooooooooo, lesser known band equals cheaper tickets and merchandise” sort of a way.

Anywho if you wish to see the music my ears listen to is the place to go.

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