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October 30, 2004

On the Road to Success

I think I'd suit the job down to the ground! Come on Mayor lets drive

What could have been

So, this year I am out for a year and doing awfully fun things like attempting to get employed. It isn’t going as smoothly as I would have hoped, grr dang and blast, however I have applied to several truly awesome positions

-Chauffeur to the Mayor
-Paint Mixer (fumes and pretty colours, soo much goodness)
-Smoking Cessation Adviser
-STD (no really, I wanted to be a Service To Donors person)

How cool a badge is this!!

It would have been an excellent job to talk about on a date;

Blokey: "So, you seem a well rounded person what high flying job you must have…."
STD: "Why yes my job is really rather super, I didn't really want it but it just came up one day"
Blokey: "Pray tell, I'm a corporate whore of an investment banker and you are?"
STD: "I'm one of those STDs, I spend most of my days with sharp implements and sucking up fluids

Setting the Scene

This is a smashingly good website, I’m not entirely sure how it manages to do what it does, but I’m quite happy it does.

Why would anyone want to use this service, hmmm good question? Personally I enjoy finding new bands to listen to, this is in a non pretentious “Man, I know bands you haven’t heard of” way. More in an “ooooooooo, lesser known band equals cheaper tickets and merchandise” sort of a way.

Anywho if you wish to see the music my ears listen to is the place to go.

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