January 21, 2005

Why we rock

Sometimes I worry about the Warwick student population and where our sense lies.

We’re quite happy to spend a good £2 for a cup of coffee, or a pretentious (albeit tasty) slush puppie with a utterly random names.
But if we go out in the evening we then become thrifty ickle urchins and demand cheap as eggs alcohol, and seem to deem that part of student life is cheap drinks…hmm odd

We are horrid to the Cooper Temple Clause DJs when they do a set at Crash a set which was well planned and pretty damn great, but quite happily watch and clap at Fightstar (who weren’t exactly great, not totally awful, but not great).

But all my fears were eradicated when I saw people mosh pit to…Stormtroopers of Death…..Napalm Death………Regan Youth…………….no Feeder, bloody brilliant.
I do enjoy Warwick mosh pits, middle class people are ace

bash, jump, push, falls over “Hold it, wait a second, this chap has fallen, lift her, ok, you ok? Yes execellent, chocs away” continues to bash amount, with appropriately timed head banging

It’s great!

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  1. That guy in the corner looks like me!

    I gave up on trying to be particularly thrifty with anything, because wherever I save a few pence I just spend it on crack cocaine.

    22 Jan 2005, 00:13

  2. To clarify, by crack cocaine I mean Dr.Pepper. Same thing?!

    22 Jan 2005, 00:16

  3. Is that because he IS you?

    Milly your blog made me laugh heartily in a hilarious fashion! You're so so right about Warwick mosh pits. And about everything in this blog in fact.

    Though I found it particularly touching when a similar thing happened in the Radiohead crush at Glastonbury, I just gave up trying to stay upright cos it was exhausting, and instantly there was a ring of 6 people around me waiting for me to get up and saving me from being trampled to death.

    22 Jan 2005, 00:17

  4. Nick, I think that might be you and the girl to the right might be Pippa. Not sure. Was this taken at Fightstar during the first three songs cos if it ws that would be Pippa… and posssibly me, know I come to think about it.

    22 Jan 2005, 01:40

  5. Nice one, Milly. You make a good point about the alcohol/frescato price gap. Many a time I find myself queuing at Rococo for a humble brew while everyone in front of me insists on getting a fancy-ass frescato. And every time I think, 'come on UWSU, you're making a killing on these foul concoctions – you can afford to hike the already exorbitant prices up a little bit more'.

    As a tight-fisted lush, it's obvious where my principles lie – but there's a lot of folk out there who are just plain hypocrites. Yourself included ;)

    23 Jan 2005, 12:13

  6. When I said it looks like me, I did know it was me. Can't a guy make a joke :P

    I have no idea who any of the other people in the picture are..? Not sure what Pippa looks like. What am I doing there? It's a mystery.

    23 Jan 2005, 12:19

  7. Warwick is the only place where people have apologised to me in a mosh pit. Admittedly I'm always a little frightened and squeal a bit but – O, to be earnest, polite and right-on – is the Warwick way!

    07 Feb 2005, 02:43

  8. I have to admit I found myself jumping around a bit to Feeder the other week, before realising what I was doing. At which point I withdrew quickly and began commenting on how funny it was that people were moshing to Feeder, just about saving my dignity. Last week it took the Foo Fighters to get me going which was a bit of an improvement.

    10 Feb 2005, 09:00

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