June 20, 2005

Where'd you go?

Seriously this is insane and one of the reasons why people should not do hardcore drugs.

It'll bodge up your brain, internal organs and most importantly your boobs! Cocaine is baaaaaaaaad!

Where the hell has the girl that automatically caused the "boooooob" reaction gone?

She used to be really hot (almost a Rachel Stevens, not quite, but I still would have).
But now she just looks like a coke whore, who whilst vomiting her meagre diet into a toilet caused a bottle of flash to fall on her bonce.
For goodness ever sake this girl is still 18!
Gah, it’s freakin’ vile, look at her arms let alone the thingy she’s hanging around with, good grief eat some food!

Could this possibly be a reaction to the medias obsession with the fact that she wasn't a skinny git? Or is it infact her attempt to join the spindle wars?
Shall and Chris what trend setters you are, unfortunately the originals you may be but the spindlest crown no longer is yours!

Although thinking about it a little more if we all got this thin Halloween Parties would be everso easy to dress up for. Although how many Skeletors or Mummys can you get away with at a party?
Also who needs a toothpick when you have a finger?

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  1. It's OK, I don't want to look like LL Boobs-Gone or Coke Richie

    20 Jun 2005, 18:15

  2. Bad hair Lindsey – WHY?

    Bleach is for us mousey types!

    20 Jun 2005, 18:30

  3. she… was… so… beautiful. :(

    21 Jun 2005, 02:01

  4. mill

    yup, and now she mings eggs, kinda reassuring though in a way.

    21 Jun 2005, 02:03

  5. Yup. All one needs is a barrelful of coke and no gag reflex – we could be just like her!

    21 Jun 2005, 02:05

  6. Am I the only person who doesn't know who these girls are? Or perhaps they look so different I don't recognise them, meh. Either way there's some very serious eating disorders gong on there…

    21 Jun 2005, 02:31

  7. Eleanor O'Donnell

    That picure is a little old, although still v scary, especially consdering how sudden a change it was, Lindsay's put some weight back on recently, and her hair isn't quite such an awful shade!

    See: link

    21 Jun 2005, 02:58

  8. Mill

    Reassuring in the sense that if you can be that fit and change to being that vile it must be able to work in reverse, Welsh logic mayhaps?

    They are Lindsey "I used to be a fittie of a teen movie starlet" Lohan and Nicole "Why exactly am I famous, oh yeah I was friends with Paris Hilton" Richie

    I think she's only looking a bit better as she's not coming home after a night on the coke.
    Still link makes her head look crazy size

    21 Jun 2005, 08:20

  9. Bashmore

    Thats Lindsey Lohan?????Jeeeezus I used to think she was a hottie…she's gone ugly an skinny eugh

    21 Jun 2005, 11:36

  10. And to think, these celebrities are supposed to be role models in America's battle with obesity. What right-minded fattie's gonna wanna shed a few pounds if they're gonna look like that?

    21 Jun 2005, 12:02

  11. Trixie

    I don't know if it's ever been said that's she's on drugs.

    But hardcore weight loss / an eating disorder maybe.

    Come back Lindsay – mean girls you were so so SO hot.

    21 Jun 2005, 17:26

  12. Mill

    In my mass research both coke and heroine have been mentioned, as well as anorexia.


    22 Jun 2005, 00:46

  13. Lindsay definitely used to be a hottie Benjamin, but can I just stick up for the spindles and say not all spindliness is THAT spindly. I do have flesh.

    As for Coke Richie, she actually did go into rehab, not sure what happened to the Lohan

    22 Jun 2005, 02:06

  14. Gordon R

    Shall is awesome Spindle-ness and carries it all off rather well.

    Does anyone want a pet horse? I seem to have one in my computer.

    23 Jun 2005, 10:38

  15. Mill

    Dude, I had that problem my I suggest downloading an old woman that did the trick for me

    23 Jun 2005, 13:05

  16. Gordon R

    I think I am that old woman

    23 Jun 2005, 14:55

  17. ewwwww spindly spindly spindly imagine the spindly bones crackling all over you!

    23 Jun 2005, 15:02

  18. Milly

    Well in that case, boot up baby and get in there, remember to take some sugar lumps for enticement purposes

    I wonder if after sex she'd have to purge?

    23 Jun 2005, 17:04

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