December 07, 2004

The Official Ninja Party Page

Yesterday signified 21 years of my existence on this here planet – woo hoo, I’m very lucky to have lived this long (according to my beloved parents and my liver). Last night was a cool night of films, boards games and risotto, oh yeah and copious amounts of left over bits of wine…..but left over from what I here you cry! The answer is the kick-ass Ninja Party!!! (Do you see what I did there?)

Twas in deepest darkest South RLS, no wait a second did I say darkest, darkest smarkest – as the first picture shows, we added our own bit of light pollution. I do dread the next electricity bill, the meter was going round as much as a tart at a party. Ever safety conscience we had CO2 fire extinguisher on site (that’s how worried we were that the bodges would burn the house down). Thank you soooo much to those who helped set up, you are all freakin’ excellent.

But to be honest (as we always should) the house looked ace, the up lit trees looked awesome, the seemingly indestructible mirror ball looked extreme, the PA was pumping, the DJs were fabulous, the projector kept everyone entertained (Batman = inspired, Porn = foolish Jamie), people seemed to enjoy the chilli.

Importantly and slightly surprisingly I knew everyone bar one person – 1 out of 50 aint bad! Thanks to everyone who came, it makes me really chuffed that you had fun, and even more so that most people attempted costume. There will be a mini award listing at the end of the post, so fingers crossed.

Oi, don’t be cheeky and scroll down, read this bit first!!

The only casualties of the evening were an old mop, and a slightly dented door (a door which managed to defeat a group of TSG bods), oh yeah and Chris Cantwell after a session of Cock or Ball (a game invented by our kitchen in the first year). There was much fear that the house would burn down, or things fall on heads and equally nasty stuff, but that never happened – yay!

Cheers for all my lovely cards and/or presents, nice to know I’m not hated – unless those cards were laced with some disease (ahh sod it, I’m Welsh, I can’t be killed). Thanks to all of you people who cleaned up when I went to work (yes I went to work the day after my 21st birthday party).

So in summary, the party was ace and everyone is more than welcome to come over again whenever you fancy, the fairy lights are still up but that’s about it on the techno front. Thank you so much!

Now what you’ve been waiting for the awards…………………………………….well I’m going to be a little bit mean, I’m going to wait for a day to reflect on the party and shall report the results at a later date.

Go here if you want to have a little look see at the goings on

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  1. I can't deny it…twas a kick-ass party of the highest proportions! And a top job to whoever installed the projector – after the disco ball hit the ground I was sure my life was in danger dancing under the projector. But it held its own and provided us with top quality sex advice from a japanese hamster all night.

    Well done milky for making it all happen!

    To steal one of your phrases: "freakin' ace!"

    From the Maverick Mexican Ninja

    07 Dec 2004, 14:19

  2. Glad you enjoyed your party Milly! Happy Birthday!!!! We weren't afraid it would burn down… oh no we have confidence in the bodge. Yeah. Confidence. see.

    Ah well enjoy the break will see you next term.

    07 Dec 2004, 14:19

  3. Jamie

    Fuck yeah! Commentageegegegegegegeggege

    10 Dec 2004, 01:58

  4. I have bad news Milly. I'm afraid this can no longer be the "official" ninja party page, as someone else has beaten you to it!

    Check out this hilariously lame website, which is actually, seriously, dedicated to the art of the ninja.



    14 Dec 2004, 12:20

  5. milly

    the bounder

    17 Dec 2004, 21:58

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