July 08, 2005

Looking for something to do?

Hello Everyone and more accurately those who are reading this

Come to Wales,

I can promise you tip top hospitality in the beautiful Wye Valley (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Site of Special Scientific Interest).
With many opportunities to get drunk, go for walks, meet strange Taffs, see things you just can't in England (possibly in the Lake District but they are special there)

Also bargin admission to my places of work

If that's not enough, how about a beverage with these lovelies

Shall We're going to the beach this week, so bring your flip flops (spades and sand will be provided), also mum says "You can be adopted if you want, you'd be a happy addition to Clan Lerwyn

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  1. You work in a hedge puzzle? Wow!

    08 Jul 2005, 16:44

  2. Shall

    woo!!!! I'm so incredibly excited, I LOVE the beach…my legs aren't in a fit state, but I don't care: saaaaaaaaaaaaaaand

    P.S. adoption sounds good

    08 Jul 2005, 17:48

  3. Mill

    Why yes I do and an amazing one at that

    The beach and Oakwood my dear, plus lashings of ginger and non so ginger beer!

    09 Jul 2005, 14:28

  4. Casper

    I wanna come again! :'(

    Damn the work, damn the money and damn the Wye for being so pretty!

    Just make sure you come to CaspFest and I'll hide myself on the return journey so you'll have to keep me there, with the pigs, and sing Heavy-Metal Ninja to me! :P

    09 Jul 2005, 21:21

  5. Milly

    There will be plenty of trips to Wales next year, my family for some unknown reason like to see me.

    I'm trying to fix it so I can come to Caspfest but the people at work have gone holiday happy!

    10 Jul 2005, 11:56

  6. Gordon R

    I went to the Forest of Dean, that's almost Wales, no??? I did hear some people speaking Welsh that confused me slightly.

    11 Jul 2005, 00:59

  7. Oo hello Fleur you have returned.

    Milly I must finish writing a revoo and getting dressed but LO I shall appear in wales ce soir

    11 Jul 2005, 09:24

  8. Fleur

    hey hey! You'll have a great time! It's gorgeous over there and it's so nice and sunny. How were the kids games?? Did anyone fall off their pole vault?
    What the hell is this music being played outside my window????
    got to get out, right now!!!

    11 Jul 2005, 13:25

  9. Trixie

    soon… soon…

    as long as I haven't been exploded.

    13 Jul 2005, 00:48

  10. The kids' games were awesome, there were a couple of injuries but nothing horrendous.

    Millyo thank you for my stay in Wales, much fun was had

    15 Jul 2005, 15:03

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