June 02, 2005

Just so you know

Please refer to the below if I see you on campus and direct you here

How are your exams going?
Well funny you should ask, I'm sure I told you at least 3 times in the last week they don't start until the 7th June.
Yes, you were that mystified before, yes the 7th is late to start. Revision is a bit crap as people insist on talking in the freakiní library and leaving the windows open making it incredibly cold, which ultimately makes me fall asleep

How many exams do you have to do?
Well funny you should ask, I'm sure I've had this discussion with you yesterday, 11.
Yes 11 is a lot, that's right I'm resiting all the 2nd year modules. Thatís right, I fupped up last year and the death of a family member didnít cause a slip in my concentration at all.

When do they finish then?
Well funny you should ask, I'm sure I told you earlier today I finish on the 16th June.
Indeed that is the day after the Final Fling, and what's better it's at 9:30 in the morning.
Nope I'm still going to drink at the Final Fling, I got a first in it last time so I only really need to pass

What you doing when you finish?
Well funny you should ask, I'm sure you overheard me telling the last person I just talked to I'm getting lashed.
Directly after my exam I will take my sorry-still-in-Fling-outfit arse onto the piazza and get absolutely ratted, Iím doing it because I can so there!

Who you going to the Fling with then?
Well funny you should....What....eh..…who…...wait a minute…..that's not an exam orientated question, you have no right to ask such a question in week 7.
Please kindly delay all questions which are off subject for a fortnights time.
But since you asked, no-one but open to offers

Good luck to all you people doing revision, exams, dissertations, projects, and all that jazz.
To you folks who have finished whoop-te-do!

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  1. Milly, I know you've spent the afternoon modelling around campus for the sunday times but really! To log on to blogs and be confronted by a picture of you that size is actually quite scary! :)

    ps. Have you seen the banner?

    02 Jun 2005, 22:16

  2. Milly

    Well you know I thought I'd make up for the huge wank off spot on my nose! Not entirely sure why it's such a huge picture.
    It's actually bigger than my proper face, very strange. I think the banner got lost up one of my nostrils.

    Oh yes Adam, Jen, Aadil, Colin, and Chris will be in all newspaper outlets in August/September time. Ch-Ch-Check it out!

    02 Jun 2005, 22:32

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