November 28, 2004

Bottles and their merits

Do not drink vast quantities of cheap alcohol in your halls of residence/house of residence or if like some fellow South RLSers ghetto of residence. The affordability of the drinks will lead you to get bladdered and yet again mean you not leaving said place of residence, and therefore not giving you the chance to appreciate all your fellow University co-educatees.

Get to your friendly University of Warwick Students' Union, here drinks are not overly expensive, but equally not cheap enough to make you hurl and these drinks don't stain your skin (note to Collie goers who like myself drink those FX pre-mixed vodka mix things Ė only drink the white ones as the others stain your skin something chronic)

Drinking from bottles reduces the likelihood of your drinks being spiked, also not hanging round people who are likely to want to have non-consensual sex helps! If youíre a lass drinking beer from a bottle seems to leave you with the femininity that drinking pints removes, which means you can drink nice cold beer and still have the chance of some loviní (foolish I know, but Iíve done studies)

The main problem with drinking from bottles is the higher cost in comparison in costliness between them and actual pints. Add to that they will undoubtedly be lessened by some hilarious git tapping the top of the bottle Ė donít worry thatís probably the first bit of head heís had in the presence of a women who could see him for a long while.

Another good thing about drinking from bottles, other than reducing the risk of nasty things happening, is that bottled beer seems to be an acceptable subsitute for a glass whilst on the move. Sitting in public with an open can of Carling seems a little dirty to me, mayhaps its the need for external equipment to get at the beer in a bottle which makes it that extra bit more classy?

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