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July 18, 2005

So what now then….

Iím at a loss, I really am, this Saturday something was ripped from my life and itís going to be a long wait till I can have that feeling back.

The ever continuing speculation, the questioning, the concocting of possible scenarios, the shoulds, the woulds the could bes!
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released!

I abandoned several thrilling MSN conversations, sped towards the WHSmith in Monmouth, dealt with stupid drunk Monmouth people, like an idiot read it until my contact lenses said ďNo more fool itís 2am, work in the morningĒ.

8am rising time, in true cheeky Dave style I get in a cheeky hours pre-work read, now on chapter 13, enjoying book, go to work, have to endure 8hrs of the stupid general public when I could nay should be finishing the book.
Return home, feed, water, bathe, read, fall asleep by accident, wake, fuelled with sugar and an urge to complete the book I start once more to read, I dispair at the characters, I wince, I get more and more intrigued and all of a sudden Iím blubbing like a baby, finish book, the fear sets in.

What now….?
No longer can I justify listening to Harry Potter audio books all day and night as preparation for the next book, my desktop has to be changed (no more countdown to Half-Blood Prince), no interesting fact for the day for me to scoff at. All very upsetting
I have to find something different to fall asleep to (American Dad so far) instead of Stephen Fry or the inferior Jim Dale (Order of the Phoenix)

On a smug self- satisfied level I was right about who the Half-blood Prince was, Iím not going to say what else because I have no intention of ruining it for anyone else.
So read faster you gits I need to discuss my theories!!

In short, I liked this book very much, not a great deal of stuff happens in it, but was does is a great deal.
It's a bit long winded at the start and being a bit of a Potter freak I could see where most Voldemort history sessions were taking us, but a good warm up for the next and final installation of Harry Potter.

I'm now stuck with out anything but working in my life, I'm being a good girl so the usual holiday fun aint happening (I blame Claire, Chris and Giles disapproving looks for this), and then too poor to be having any other fun, so what is a country girl to do?

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