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February 12, 2005

Childrens TV, it's good to talk

Why is it that every conversation you have at Uni will at some point revert to childhood TV?

You could be quite happily nattering about the study of the restructuring of the former Soviet Union and other cases of post-communist transition, worldwide migration patterns, or the diverse effects of 'globalisation' only to be started upon the thought of Catch the Pigeon, then the Wacky Races, and so on and so forth. Why if Dick Dastardly could get in front of the other competitors to set traps, did he not simply continue a little further and just win the race, crazy crazy!

On a date, with that special someone, looking lovingly into their eyes and then whoops they drop their spoon into soup (you giggle, aww how endearing their haphazardness is). But wait, they now have to remove their glasses and wait one minute….they….they look totally different, and for the first time ever you understand how Lois Lane could have been that thick.
To mask your inner feeling of stupidity you bring up the subject of Superman, disguises and then the discussion hits He-man and The Masters of the Universe.
He-man had to have to worst ever disguise! Prince Adam Pink shirt, He-man bared chest and parachute straps (where did the parachute go, or are they infact funky as braces)!!!

Warwick's Cone time Overlord

Warwick goes that extra bit more!

It’s true, Warwick Union is something special we seem to extend things by half again.

One World Week, a week you say, so 7 days you mean…..No, not here in Warwick. A week in Warwick would seem actually to be 10 days (time and a half)

But surely this is where it all ends, the answer again is a resounding NO!

Happy Hour, an hour you say, so 60 minutes you mean…..foolish whelp, not here in Warwick. An hour is actually 90 minutes (again time and a half)

So lets ponder this for a moment shall we, what explanation can possibly be for this distortion in time. The answer is of course the gyrating cone, not only does this cone have powers over gravity it seems also to be pulling time into its web of control.

What is next for Warwick?

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