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May 07, 2005

My Name is Milly, and I am an addict…..

I am a slave to the sugar!

Today I've been mostly eating sugar sprinkles, all I ate yesterday was scrambled eggs and Refresher lollies, oh yes and the inner bit of creme eggs (I don't like chocolate you see).
I would have eaten the remaining lollies today, but in what I can only describe as a moment of subconscious self preservation, I wisely took them to Casper's last night to share the sugary goodness.

I know I am going to die either by flippin' out like ninja on a sugar fuelled high or in a steam of type II diabetes.

Moral to story : Revision is evil and makes me crave sugar!

Money Can't Buy You Looks

Ahhhh, I know it is petty, I know it doesn't change anything, but still isn't it nice to know that no matter how rich you are it doesn't make you any prettier.

Rich Girls Ally (right – is just ugly, and was a model for a bit, cough cough father cough splutter),and Jaime (left – looks like a 40 bitter moose), are the perfect evidence for this.
I think the fact that they are continually moaning doesn't help, but still, these girls have unlimited funds and still look crap.

Not sure why this is comforting, but it is!

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