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June 05, 2005

The Landlord, The Chav and The Digger

Picture the scene it is 10am on a Sunday morning in June, 2 days until I start my exams, 2 days before my housemates have to finish their 3rd year projects, 3rd housemate having to research company for interview.
The sun is fairly hidden behind clouds, I'm showered have munched my way through an orange, am just about to go upstairs when Jamie and I see 2 chavs walk past our living room window.

"What the fup?" is our first reaction, this is swiftly followed by "What in all that is remotely right in the world" as we notice these fellows have a decent sized digger aimed towards our house.
Our landlord would surely have infomed us if he was intending to have our lawn dug up, I mean there is that little thing I like to call The Housing Act and something which I believe is called common curiosity.

Oh wait no no no, as you may have guessed from the photo they did indeed start to dig up our garden, oh and wait a minute what's that pretty green line in the earth.
Could it possibly be our NLT cable, could it, could it? Yes yes it bloody well is!

Now, I'm only a tax dodging scrounging git of a pseudo-student not a trained driver for a piece of Plant machinery, however I'm guessing it weighs somewhere between 1530 kg and 3582 kg, and I know damn well fibre optics don't like being drove over.
Yet our clever chavs didn't seem to realise this! Oh no, so I have had to relocate my household to campus, meaning that I am now 3 hours behind schedule and unbelievably irritable (apologies to people who get samples of my wrath).

Oh yes icing on cake:
– Chav asked us for a cup of tea
– Landlord didn't give a flying fup, and didn't realise he should have told us in advance
NTL aren't picking up the phone
– Chav and landlord were laughing at us and the problem
– Chav didn't actually apologise for killing our internet connection
– Landlord and Chav laughed at the idea of us having exams and work to do

Had I the energy to cry I would!

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