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February 04, 2010

Who stole my sleep!?

I am sleep deprived and hungry, thank you Rootes on bouth counts. Who stole my cheese!? Who stole my sleep!? I really can't complain too much, it is usually a drunken me being horribly inconsiderate and racous in the corridors. I know now next time. At about 4am I was sobbing for myself in bed yelling "SHUT UP!" to no avail. It was a very sorry picture.

I would like my post to come now please. It's been far too long, it really should be here by now. I have an essay to read first, something ridiculously abstract and incoherent that I won't understand and thus, will spend the duration of my seminar feeling like a total moron. I am trying, but the work is trying too. (What a witty pun... do you see now how hungry I am?)

My room has at least managed to maintain an acceptable level of clean since Sunday though, this is quite the achievement. However cynical I sound right now, I am feeling rather motivated, and my To Do List that is sat before me is progressivley getting shorter. Fabulous. Perhaps I can go out this weekend without an overwhelming sense of guilt that I should be in the library translating medieval english that I don't understand and see now relative use for in my future. Oh please do hurry up Year 2 so I can take a billion creative writing modules and leave the hell of overanalysing of book and the stubbing of my ability to read something I want to.

How do people do so many things? I can just about find enough hours in the day to sleep, eat, read the set books, complete my seminar work and eat a little more. I must devise some kind of schedule. I must go to the gym. I must eat less and nap less. I should probably begin living in the library. I really just want to curl up in my bed and write woeful poetry... time for coffee.



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