December 12, 2006

Final Coment about the module

The Module was so different in compartion with the other modules that I done, the way that the class was developed make it very dinamic, interesting and entertaining. I really enjoyed every discucion and coment of every classmate, the different backgrounds and cultures helped in that.

Finished this module I can say that I learned very good the concept of leadership and what involves to be a good leader, I think that more than gave us a unique definition the module generate that everyone create his own defenition using all the tools showed in the module.

Finally about the final game I think that it was not easy like I said but I have a lot confiance in myself and in my leadership skills, I am sure with the help of my group it would have been successful

Thanks everyone for a nice module.

See you around.


December 09, 2006

Leadership Game

Today was the end of a good module, and the way to finish was very interesting , the game that we had about leaderhip was so interesting and learning for me , it was not an easy game but even that if the leader had had the thinks very clear it should been.
I will start for my group , we gave the opportunity to Science did this part , and I have to be sincer he tried to do a very good job but sadly our group failed in the game , I think that the main reason was that he could not lead in a correct way the excersise , that dont mean that he was not good for lead , but I think that he need more preparetion for lead a group with people with more strong personalities than him, everyone tried to support him but when you see that the things are not working you feel the neccesity to do something and I think it was a problem.

After the game he was very good hearing the observations and accept those in a correct way.

November 29, 2006

Definition of leadership

Today we had many interesting presentations about the definition of leadership, that is not an easy work, and for my group that took many time in be agree with our final decision , even that in class, PAul was very suspicious in find the mistakes of our definition, but it was good ,because we though that it was clear and it wasn’t.

The other groups presentations were good too , however I think that they had the same mistakes that we had in the begining of our analysis , try to define leadership using the case definitions and trying to involves all the concepts that leadership has to have, having as a result a very complex and confuse definition. Even that I think that the definition of leadership was so clear for everybody, but the problem was how to say that.

The case of choose a leader was so interesting , really hard to take a first decision because every person had differents backgrounds, strengs and weakness, but I think that the all the groups have the same election show that the concept of leader and the skill that this person has to have were clear.

In conclusion I think that is not easy to define leadership or find a leader, that is too much complex , involves many things and in some situations a good leader can appear in the person that you less think , and breaking all the parameters that we have.

The today’s class was so interesting , with many disscussions and looking for the people’s opinion , I really liked it.

I hope that the class continue in this way

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