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There are different types of scribing machines for your manufacturing needs.

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August 31, 2010

Visit IJL 2010 and see quality products laced with markings(Sep 5 –Sep 8, 2010)

Follow-up to Why Choose Micro–percussion marking from eBusiness Blogs from Jude Elumeze@warwick

International Jewellery London.

Visit IJL today and see quality products laced with markings

Reed Exhibition invites you to IJL 2010(International Jewellery London) taking place from the 5th of September to the 8th of September 2010 at Earls Court 2, London. IJL is the UK largest and only dedicated jewellery trade event. It is intended to showcase the most innovative and impressive jewellery designers, manufacturers and suppliers from around the world. You will discover new products collections, endorsed with quality marking.

The UK Assay office provides Hallmarking for Jewelleries and precious metals before they are publicly displayed or available for sale. The essence of hallmark is to provide exact description of content or composition of such product since it is not possible to determine the actual content of the product by sight or touch. A hallmark usually consists of a series of mark applied to an article of precious metal or to be a bit informal, we can refer to it as precious metal marking. It invariably means that the article has been independently tested and conforms to all legal standards of purity or fineness. A complete hallmark comprises of three compulsory punch marks; sponsors’ mark, metal and fineness mark and the Assay office mark.

These marks are made using the best possible fast marking and traceability systems. As stated earlier, identification and traceability of these products is mandatory. It is good to say that marking equipments such as Technifors’ range of traceability solutions has been the unsung hero and reliable partner in delivering the required product markings using systems such as Markn’Read and other associated 2D Data Matrix technologies.

The video below says it all about Hallmarking of precious metals;

Hallmark and Marking Technologies is a most for Jewellers and their products

To attend this glorious exhibition and see what is on offer, please click here for more information.

August 12, 2010

Why Choose Micro–percussion marking

Follow-up to A little peep into the world of scribe Marking from eBusiness Blogs from Jude Elumeze@warwick

Why Choose Micro-percussion marking?

Micro-percussion marking is an ideal choice if your industrial desire is to provide high-precision marking complying with standards associated with aerospace, defence and automotive industries. Most importantly, micro-percussion marking is ideal for reading data matrix codes

Technifor's MR7000is ideal for effective marking on aircraft parts, safety-critical parts and high-added-value parts. The presence of electromagnetic stylus provides control of positioning and impact force. The MR 7000 usually comes with a hand-held data matrix code reader linked to a PC or to the marking machine itself so as to check the conformity of the marking on the part.

The MR7000 has a broad marking area of 100 x 120mm, with a 280mm motorised Z-axis. It requires no manual adjustment because the electromagnetic stylus is fitted with a touch sensor that automatically locates the marking surface and positions itself accordingly. There is the added software functionality of the presence of marking log which saves information in the machine with the ability to export such information to other application interfaces if required.

The MR 7000 marking program can be defined and loaded into the machine in advance, leaving the operator to execute the markings without having to adjust the programming. This robust marking system also comes with a range of accessories…

So there is every reason to choose MR7000 Micro-percussion marking machine offered by Technifor. Visit us today at;


August 10, 2010

A little peep into the world of scribe Marking

Follow-up to Technifor at IMT 2010 from eBusiness Blogs from Jude Elumeze@warwick

A little peep into the world of Scribe Marking

Scribe Marking System Capabilities

Earlier scribe marking system was originally designed for the automotive industry. They were more or less operating as an alternative to dot peen (stylus) or whatever is better known as pin marking systems.  The generic component of scribe markers usually incorporates a drop and drag pin technology which result to continuous mark with extremely clear character definition aalonside an ultra quiet marking operation.

Scribing Machine is best suited for marking applications where work decibel levels would be increased during normal impact marking, (For instance marking on large hollow parts, sheet steel, automotive vehicle bodies, etc).  This happens because the drop and drag scribing technology virtually eliminates all sound associated with the marking process.

Scribe Marking can apply permanent date codes, sequential serial numbers, logos, and any identification marks on your parts, sub-assemblies and finished products in accordance with ISO certification guidelines.

Technifor's range of scribe marking machine can be mounted to a manually adjustable height column, fix mounted as a namedplate feed system or installed as a separate head for production line.


August 09, 2010

Explore a unique channel through Exhibition Marketing.. .

Follow-up to Technifor at IMT 2010 from eBusiness Blogs from Jude Elumeze@warwick

DMS Osaka

Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo Osaka

06 - 08 Oct 2010

Following my last post on Technifor at IMT 2010, there is more good tiddings for B2B SMEs through Exhibitions marketing. Reed Exhibitions brings you the DMS show from Osaka Japan in October 2010. It is a very successful show and has seen visitior in the region of 31,373 for the last show in 2009 with 623 Exhibitors in attendance. There are about 12 categories of exhibitors as listed below ;

Design & Manufacturing Outsourcing, Plant/Facility Management and Maintenance Solutions, Energy Saving Solutions, Drawing/Document Management Solutions ,CAM ,3D Measurement Solutions, CAD & PLM/PDM, CAE, Rapid Prototyping/3D Printers , Technology Transfer , SCM/ERP/Production Management Systems and TraceAbility Solutions

Technifor will also use this opportunity to show case it's product under traceability solutons category. B2B SMEs need not worry about the perception of high cost associated with exhbition.and can participate through collaborative partnership as 'stand sharers' Contact Reeed Exhibition sales team today. For visitiors to the show, tickets can be purchased in advance or on the day.

Please feel free to drop your comments or enquiry should you wish to attend this show and the designated authority will attend to it promptly.

August 08, 2010

Technifor at IMT 2010

Follow-up to Technifor Products Reviews from eBusiness Blogs from Jude Elumeze@warwick

Hello Folks, First week of August just zoomed past! What's been happening in the world of SEO and B2B marketing for SMEs?. I guess everything remains the same! Not quite sure, things are always changing when it comes to the web and someone somewhere is surely thinking of the next big thing for the web. It could be a physical Hardware device or a piece of software. Whatever it is, one thing remians the same, we will always search for information and  products on the web using search engines.

For the manufacturing B2B companies, there is an important show(IMT, 2010; International Manufacturing Technology show) coming up next month from Sep13-18 in Mccormick Place Chicago. There is everything to see at this show covering various industry segments such as Aerospace, Automotive, Machine Shop, Medical etc.

Technifor is considering attending this show and will have the opportunity to showcase their range of products at the show. Our New TD412 Yag laser machine and TF410 laser Fibre Machine will be our star attraction at the show.We hope to generate good sales lead from this show as well as improve the image of our brand.

August 03, 2010

Product Functionalities

Follow-up to Technifor Products Reviews from eBusiness Blogs from Jude Elumeze@warwick

The different priducts in the various product categories offers a wide range of functionalities. Most of the systems are design for easy integration into industrial production lines while some are designed as stand aalone system.(A typical example is the Z322-Micro-Percussion Machine shown below.)

Z322- Micro-Percussion MachinesIt is a reliable piece of equipment and capable of producing marking at different hights with controlled marking head. It comes with window compatible sftware providing easy installation accompanied with a user-friendly interface.

SV312 Scribing Machine

SV312 provides deep fast marking. It is an integrable machine and can easily fit into most production lines. It is ideal for marking on plastic surfaces of various shapes and sizes. It has flexible head which can easily be interchanged depending on the nature of the task at hand.

July 28, 2010

Technifor Products Reviews

Follow-up to Technifor Range of products from eBusiness Blogs from Jude Elumeze@warwick

CN110p Micro-percussion Integratable Marking Unit

DOT MARKING MACHINES(INTEGRABLE MACHINES) This marking system is designed for industrial integration for the production of high quality marks MICRO-PERCUSSION INTEGRATABLE MARKING UNIT-CN110p Ideal solution for marking and plastic parts in different conditions and in a variety of forms. (automotive, mechanical, steel industry, electro-mechanical). Designed for industrial integration On production or automatic assembly lines, on automation or semi-automatic assembly test stations. It is easy to integrate as;the control unit is inetgrated in the marking head * The integrated marking software offers independent operating * The integrated screen makes it easy to view and program the machines.


The CN312 Machine is an ideal solution for high quality marking of 2D DataMatrix™ codes. It can produce a 5x7 font directly on metal and plastic parts, of various shapes and surface conditions.(automobile, mechanical, steel metallurgy, electromechanical.) This machine has capabilities for industrial integration; * On production or automatic assembly lines. *On automatic or semi-automatic assembly test stations. It is specially designed for marking that meets the criteria for "excellent" as defined by the IAQG (complies with SPEC2000) :


The diode-pumped laser TD412 YAG Laser is the best solution for high definition marks on plastics and metals . It's high quality is based on the following attributes; * Excellent beam quality, due to diode end pumping, creates thin marking lines * Gaussian spot for optimum marking precision * High resolution galvanometric scan head * High quality spot for a perfect mark without any burrs


The TF410 is an extremely compact marking machine with high performance and reliability.       It  is  smaller than a Legal sheet of paper. It is 'compact and sturdy' with lightweight cast aluminum head. This product has the following capabilities; *It integrates even in the most restricted spaces, in any position. *Has electronic controls and alarms for material protection *It can be adapted for intensive and heavy-duty operating

June 02, 2010

Technifor Range of products

Follow-up to Introducing our B2B Manufacturing Company: Technifor from eBusiness Blogs from Jude Elumeze@warwick

Technifor products fall under three main categories. These are;

(1) Marking Machines

(2) Data Matrix

(3) Traceability Solutions

Amongst the products within the Marking Machine category are, Dot Integrable Machines,Dot Stand alone machines, marking tags, Dot portable Units, scribing marking machines and Laser marking machines.

Data Matrix products includes the following;Solution Medrix, Solution Mark'n Read and Marking/Verying machines.

Traceability Solutions are tailored to various industrial needs, such as; Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Electrical and Electronics, Metallurgy and Mechanical.

In view of marketing these products online, we shall consider appropriate Keywords based on their relevance, prominence and proximity in view of conducting search related activities partaining to these products. We shall examine  techniques and tools for generating these keywords and other functionalities/features which are enablers for SEO marketing.

May 17, 2010

Introducing our B2B Manufacturing Company: Technifor

Follow-up to B2B Marketing: Sellers Perspective from eBusiness Blogs from Jude Elumeze@warwick

Introducing Technifor( Manufacturing)

Here is a typical introduction about Technifor,(Adapated from the Company's website)

Technifor is the world's first manufacturer of Micro-Percussion Direct Part Marking machines for quality control, automatic identification and permanent traceability for metallic or plastic parts.

With over 38 000 machines installed worldwide, Technifor is a proven global supplier of industrial marking equipment and verification solutions for both in-line, stand-alone and mobile applications.

Around the world our ISO9001 - v2000  technical teams install and maintain our Micro-Percussion , scribing  or Laser  systems for OEM, system integrators and factory floor in a variety of industries.

In the days and weeks ahead, we will be discussing the technical issues and techniques such as Keywords relevance, tags, in-bounds & out-bounds links and a whole lot of subject areas that are necessary to ensure that the company enjoys a successful web presence which will serve as a platform for promoting its' online offerings and sales capabilities.

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