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September 06, 2010

Looking for practical experience in marking machine operations?

Why not try 'eduCAM' laser cutting and marking machines for students.

If you are a learning service organisation or a private technical institute and still pondering on how best to provide the needed practical experience for your students, then look no further..

Unimatic Engineers eduCAM high-speed laser cutting and marking machines is here to provide a 'real world' experience for design and technology students at a reduced cost

The eduCAM range of equipment for the design and technology curriculum and vocational education has been expanded to include high-speed laser cutting and marking machines. The units come with an impeccable industrial pedigree, as they are in current use by manufacturing professionals.

eduCAM equipments provides the 'real world' practical experience to students rather than using 'educational' models for practical simulation thus improving their chances with prospective employers.

In the same manner, Technifor UK also provides robust cut-deal laser marking machines and traceability systems at discounted offers for training institute and schools.

For more information on educAM range of products visit;

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