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August 03, 2010

Product Functionalities

Follow-up to Technifor Products Reviews from eBusiness Blogs from Jude Elumeze@warwick

The different priducts in the various product categories offers a wide range of functionalities. Most of the systems are design for easy integration into industrial production lines while some are designed as stand aalone system.(A typical example is the Z322-Micro-Percussion Machine shown below.)

Z322- Micro-Percussion MachinesIt is a reliable piece of equipment and capable of producing marking at different hights with controlled marking head. It comes with window compatible sftware providing easy installation accompanied with a user-friendly interface.

SV312 Scribing Machine

SV312 provides deep fast marking. It is an integrable machine and can easily fit into most production lines. It is ideal for marking on plastic surfaces of various shapes and sizes. It has flexible head which can easily be interchanged depending on the nature of the task at hand.

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