March 06, 2017

Chronology of events of Holm's dismissal

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Chronological order of events that led to Holm's dismissal and afterwards.

March 03, 2017

Frankfurter Allgemeine

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FAZ article.

Uni von unten perspective on the protest with photos

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Uni von unten is a key idea associated with the #holmbleibt protest - the two are often linked together. This article gives some perspective on how the two are linked.

#univonunten Twitter feed

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The #univonunten Twitter with photos and up to date news on the information. Provides many view points as everyone contributing to same discussion. Helpful to get primary source comments/opinions from HU students.

Holm's statement on his stepping down

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Andrej Holm's personal statement on his personal website about why he is stepping down and what this means for the goals he's been trying to achieve as state secretary.

Frankfurter Allgemeine article about Holm's dismissal

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Article documenting Holm's initial dismissal.

Andrej Holm Wikipedia site

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The Wikipedia page of Andrej Holm in order to give general background information.

Wir bleiben alle Blog

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A blog with lots and lots of helpful primary sources where information around the #holmbleibt issue can be found. 'Wir bleiben alle' is a Berlin-wide movement against gentrification which seems to have also taken up the cause of #holmbleibt.

SoWi Fachschaft blog

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Blog from the Soziale Wissenschaft Fachschaft, the department in which rooms were occupied. Documents the progression of the occupation, incl. protests held, banners dropped etc.

Official Protest Website

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The official website of the Protest group.

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