October 30, 2005

In the beginning…..

can anyone hear me? Is anyone out there?

I dont know exactly why i have decided to do this today, today just feels a random day to start my blog, its not like anything exciting has happened to me to make me tell everyone in the world. So why now…..

I met a friend from school today in sainsburys who i am seeing more and more as i am now living in leamington. Which is great as she is the only one i keep in contact from that part of my past. She bascially asked me if i had a blog, which i replied no. From the word of mouth however i realised that her blogs are famous, so i decided to read them which in a way made me want to write things. Now im not promising that my blog is going to be interesting of any sort. I dont even know how or what i am going to use it for, so any suggestions would be great!

Well i'll keep it short and simple for the mo…but i will be back!!

Thanks E x

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