December 08, 2011


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Tutor Samena Rashid.
I feel as if I have come a long way:
1. In relation to point 1: my organizational skills, I have managed to do a good list of things to do each day and cross quite a few out. Nevertheless I still need to deconstruct each big task into little pieces that need to be done day by day so that I actually get to do the big burdensome tasks. I have managed though to plan ahead about a month, which has helped me a lot to be aware of the overall picture. It has also helped me to avoid committing to two things at the same time when I might not be able to do them.
Surprisingly it has also helped me put in perspective that other people that are involved in projects, or even academic and administrative staff have extremely busy lives and therefore I need to plan in accordance to their schedule.
For points 2 and 4(attention to detail and academic writing), I have had to hand in a topic for my final dissertation. The pressure to come up with a structured idea has helped me to give attention to detail in regards to what I wish to express. I have also attended research seminars and an academic writing day that have helped me to gather tips and requirements that will assure that I have a good piece of written work. At the writing day I learnt to structure well a paragraph, as well as good formal words to use. I managed to correct my doubts on citation, which will help me with consistency. I had to hand in a formative assessment which was very helpful to practice. I need to practice more though,
3. Regarding concentration, I have attended A7 speedy reading course. It was very interesting and actually helped me to waste less time trying to concentrate rather that concentrating! I found extremely useful using a guide to read and clustering words together. I still need work on listening to the words I read in my head as that definitely slows me down.
5. Regarding my presentation skills, I assisted a course on delivering a good presentation with SHH. It was very helpful as to how to structure a presentation and we actually got to practice. I feel much more confident now; I just have to make sure I know what I am talking about.
Of course, there is still a lot of work:
1. Mainly my organizational skills must improve, I need to fit in more things and make tasks fit in better so I don’t waste time.
2. I would also lie to improve my research skills, as a way of saving time and finding interesting things to learn more.
3. I would like to broaden my spectrum of knowledge into new areas, so I would like to learn to be on top of what things are happening on campus.

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