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February 25, 2008

Battle of the Bands 2008

Hello on the off chance that people may still look at my blog; I remember the days when all my sentences were prefixed – I was going to blog about….., ahh how my procrastination has altered since then.

Anywho, Week 9 brings forth the Semi-Final of Battle of the Bands 2008 and it is going to be utterly bitchin’ yo!

5 excellent bands will be fighting it out for a place in the final and future fame and fortune, mmmmm monies

Adam Sharp – A charming young man with something of death cab about him, powerful and charged with a hint of the forlorn.

Club Silencio – An exciting and upbeat trio guaranteed to get your feet tapping and your bums wiggling, they’re offbeat indie pop tracks are as thrilling as they are initiative

Drongo Sealion Magic – A heavy mix of darkest metal fused with a glorious sense of elation. If your mouth isn’t left hanging ajar due to the immense skill of this band there is something wrong

Hot Magneta – Cock Rock at it’s very finest, this female-front band offers you the very best of 70’s rock rejigged for 2008. Incredibly fun and never dull, this band will bring a glorious grin to your face.

Something Sticky – One of the many newcomers to Battle of the Bands 2008, this band wowed the judges with their tightness and insanely catchy tunes – let them wow you

All this will be going on in The Marketplace from 8pm Tuesday Wk9 – exciting exciting exciting!!!

October 14, 2005

The Worst Chav in the World Ever I

Trainee teacher, 6 string supermo and Bandsoc Ninja this man may be, but his lastest attempts in broading his appeal have sadly fallen short. As he was banished from sulking around the phoneboxes and random corners of Royal Leamington Spa.

October 13, 2005

The Pressures of Student Life

Proof if any was needed that students are being put under too much pressure at University.

This young fellow came to the University of Warwick 4 years ago with a dream, a purpose, a foot more in body length.

There must be an end to all this silly amounts of force being exerted onto the shoulders of students, it must end now before we lose one of our own.

Or thinking about it, could the crazy lack of height have been brought about not by academic pressure but be due to all the media attention Hobbits and more recently Oompa Loompas were given, thusly causing people to go out and chop off their limbs?

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