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November 24, 2005

Journals, research papers and Newspapers

In the past weeks I have read a few select articles from journals.

The main journal that I have been reading is "E-Learning Age" (ELA). I have also been reading papers published under The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education . You do have to subscribe, but the subscription is free and the articles seem less bias than those written by ELA.

The problem I encountered with ELA would not have been apparent had I not taken the module in "History of Computing". In this module I learnt that all articles have a bias. These become especially noticeable when the articles are being written by MD's and CEO's of large E-Learning companies e.g. VLE providers.

Despite this, I have made notes on 3 ELA articles and an OBHE paper. I have included my own comments, which hopefully will help me think the issues through and remember these when writing the final report.

Of particular interest is a model I found in an OBHE paper classifying the different types of Virtual HE providers.

Finally, today I read an article in the boar, which was quite interesting, despite its errors it will definately be worth following up.

Website to offer academic content from Warwick
Written by Jennifer Harper

Warwick University has joined other top institutions in an innovative website that brings “the lecture hall into your living room.”

Blinkx TV, a searchable archive of information, has signed contracts with Harvard, Cambridge and now Warwick University amongst other institutions to provide hours of academic content.

The service is free to download and will make available lectures given at Warwick as well as various TV programs. The facility boasts broadcasts by Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger and other shows in offer include documentaries produced by Warwick TV….

Read full article

At first I thought I'd struck gold (metaphorically of course), but then there is a comment stating:

Tom Abbott (Communications Office) on Tue Nov 22 16:01:15 2005 wrote:

"Umm.. Blinkx have actually reached an agreement with WarwickTV, not with the University of Warwick.

The company mistook the student TV station for a University TV station and promptly included Warwick in the Press Release without actually checking the content they were publishing.

Anyone looking for academic content from Warwick University will be dissapointed.

This issue was raised last week on the WarwickBlogs system – shame you didn't read it…"

In the end I found a more accurate article at PR Newswire

The concept itself is quite old, considering the Open University have been doing it for over a decade, but Blinkx TV is searchable and online. With universities such as Harvard, Princeton and Cambridge signed up, it can't be too bad. But it's unfortunate that Warwick University is not involved.

On a final note, the formatting tools for Warwick Blogs are appauling, non of the tags actually work properly. Someone get on the case to allow live editing in html!

November 07, 2005

Slow progress

Whilst, I have been trying to set aside time for my project it seems more and more courseworks are being allocated, thus my time for project reading has been taken away.

This week I had a History of computing deadline, a prjoect management presentation, a service op's presentation, a strategic information management presentation and a class test for current uses tomorrow. I have made an error in my judgement and wish to revise my plan, in that I believe most of my project work will be done in term 2, when I will be taking just 2 modules, as opposed to 5!

I am sure many other people are facing the same issues. But these past few weeks have been extremely hectic. Grad application deadlines are also looming. I will aim to meet with my project supervisor, by latest next week.

Incidentally, I noticed Paul Stacey's project, although different, is revolving around a similar research path. He has already produced an online questionaire which is launched on my.wbs and stated that a focus group will be in place later this year.

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