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January 22, 2006


After an informed lecture in writing, I was initially convinced that perhaps my title was too broad and a more niche topic specific to CBS would have to be pursued. I thought about interviewing only a Business Module organiser, as this would lead to fewer complications and made practical sense as my tutor, Andrew Martin is a Senior Lecturer in the business school, not DCS. However, after speaking to Andrew, it has been decided that the scope reamins.

However the emphasis on E-Learning vs Traditional Education will be lightened and covered only in the background to the main issues. References will be made to key papers and themes will be presented briefly under the assumption that the reader either a) is well read in EL theory or b) can look up these references for more detail. The main body will be a presentation of findings, a framework of how CBS could/should be taught according to theory. Both CS and Business module organisers/lecturers can then be contacted and interviewed where possible, to provide their input. Any discrepancies raised contrary to the initial recommendations based on theory can then be commented upon.

It is aimed that the lecturers for the core modules for CBS years 1–3 are all interviewed ; questioning whether the theory would work. Subjectivity will exist for each lecturer. I aim therefore to merely present my ideas and then allow an open critique which will help me refine the initial recommendations.

This focus has enabled me to read more efficiently, without getting lost in books/articles which are interesting but outside the scope of the main issues of the dissertation.

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