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January 30, 2007

Being nosy…

Writing about web page

I love the Warwick webcam…

When I am sat at my computer doing work in University House, I can look out onto the piazza and see what everyone is doing…

It’s great when something like One World Week or Graduation is on as there are always people milling around, and its lovely at about 5pm just as dusk sets in. It’s a nice reminder that we all work on an active campus and when you don’t have much of a window view in your office, it’s nice to have a window onto the piazza.

Next time you’re passing – give me a wave!

October 09, 2006

MySpace Update

Writing about web page /eleanorlovell/entry/myspace_update_1_2_3_4_5_6/

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Profile views: 3692
Friends: 206
Comments: 31

September 18, 2006

MySpace Update

Follow-up to MySpace – 100th Friend from For blog's sake

Profile views: 1645
Friends: 124
Comments: 14

Our comments seem to be picking up now. The common theme seems to be students trying to make contact with other students studying a particular subject or living in a particular halls of residence.

The trouble is that people can post comments on the Warwick page, but if it is directed at other friends i.e. other freshers, the only way they can reply is:
  • Post a comment back – which would result in a massive list of comments; or
  • Add the person they want to speak to as a friend and then comment on that persons page – taking the discussion away from the Warwick page.

There isn’t a facility for forum chats which I think is greatly missed on myspace. Can anyone suggest a way that I might improve discussion between ‘friends’ on the university myspace page?

I am attending a webinar tonight which is primarily about graduates associations and how they can use myspace and facebook to maintain a dialogue with young alumni and involve graduates in the alumni association. Maybe I will find the answer there?

September 14, 2006

MySpace – 100th Friend

Follow-up to MySpace Update from For blog's sake

Hooray – I have just approved our 100th friend on MySpace.

The page was created on 22nd August ‘06 so for just 24 days I don’t think that is bad going.

Profile views: 1230
Friends: 100
Comments: 9

Thats (roughly) 51 profile views and 4 (and a bit) friends a day!

N.B. I haven’t added anybody as our friend, that is just from other people adding us as a friend.

September 12, 2006

MySpace Update

Follow-up to MySpace Update from For blog's sake

Profile views: 1046
Friends: 85
Comments: 6

Nice to see the Students’ Union have a myspace page now too.

September 11, 2006

MySpace Update

Follow-up to MySpace Update from For blog's sake

Profile views: 864
Friends: 69
Comments: 4

Best comment to date:

haha, everyone thinks warwick rocks because it has a myspace.
cracking idea whoever thought of it, and cant wait till i arrive in…21 days time :)
im scared, hahaha


September 06, 2006

MySpace Update

Follow-up to MySpace Update from For blog's sake

Not bad going…

Profile views: 553
Friends: 50
Comments: 3

September 04, 2006

MySpace Update

Follow-up to MySpace Update from For blog's sake

The thread I posted on has received 296 views and 20 replies.

Our MySpace profile currently has:

Profile views: 380
Friends: 40
Comments: 2

September 02, 2006

MySpace Update

Follow-up to MySpace from For blog's sake

On Friday afternoon, I posted a thread on about our myspace page. It has already received a number of replys and to date, our myspace page has:

Profile views: 231
Friends: 29
Comments: 1

August 29, 2006

The Beauty of MySpace

Follow-up to MySpace from For blog's sake

So, the MySpace page seems to be going well…

We now have 11 friends and I have received a few favourable comments about the idea but I can't believe that it didn't provoke more of a response here… I was kind of expecting a "why would you want to do that? what's the point in myspace - I don't get it?" so it was nice to receive some positive comments instead.

Our 'friends' so far consist of student bands (Jaffa Rose and Carter Manoeuvre), bands who will be playing the SU (Delays and Boy Kill Boy), PunkSoc society, Research (the new SU night) and a couple of students. Now I will just sit back and wait for some more friends…

But before I go, a little something for those of you who wanted to say 'what's the point in myspace - I don't get it?' but didn't... I received an amusing email this morning forwarded from an old friend of mine who produces University Yearbooks:

Morning boss,
I would like to thank you for setting up a myspace page. This has enabled me to trace friends of your friends and discover that the world is beautiful by proxy…
mate of Ellie's… link
mate of Ellie's mate… link
leading to the holy grail of 'mate of Ellie's mate's mate'... link
Oh…...My…......God…..... and then check out HER mates!?!?!?!?!?!?

So as you see – MySpace has so many useful purposes! No, but really – it does…

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