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October 09, 2006

A very lucky girl

Follow-up to Moving tomorrow… from For blog's sake

Well that was a busy, daunting, exciting, exhausting, fun, emotional and rather hungover weekend and I feel like a very lucky girl!

Spent Friday morning hanging around waiting for a call from the solicitors….waiting, and waiting…. then got a phone call to say that there was a sight discrepancy on the money…. more waiting around…. eventually got the keys at about 1pm.

The guy who sold us the flat was a very lovely man. He met us at the flat at 1’o’clock and gave me the keys. It was quite weird opening the front door for the first time, knowing it was now mine! He gave me a gift of champagne, chocolates and flowers for my moving in present. It was pretty emotional when he left… the flat was his mothers who died two years ago. It has remained empty since then and he wasn’t sure what to do with it. I think it was sad for him to finally let go of his mothers home and he said he wished I would be as happy there as his mother had been which was lovely.

Moving in...

We then had to move the fridge, tv, wardrobe, drawers, cushions etc in while we were waiting for the delivery men to arrive with the bed and the sofa. The sofa arrived first…. and rather embarrassingly, it didn’t fit through the door! I felt a bit silly since I have told everyone how great my sofa is! Not so great if it doesn’t fit in the room. The two delivery drivers and dad tried their hardest to push it through the door! It did manage to get through the front door but couldn’t quite make the 90 degree angle and step up through the inside porch door. So they then had to heave it back out and stick it back on the lorry – bye bye sofa!

Next the bed arrived… in three parts. Dad and I had to bolt the headboard and footboard(?) to the base which was easy enough and then try to manouevre it around the room and find the best spot for it. Mom and aunty Mary then took over putting the bedding and pillows on!

Bedroom - Day Three

It was a pretty tiring day and by the evening I was exhausted but my cousin Katrina had come home from Leeds for a Brummie night out so I went home and got ready for a night out at the Arcadian. Had a great night and got a little tipsy and stumbled in around 3am. Luckily it was my parents house, not my new flat that I stumbled into so I knew how to get my drunken self to bed safely.

The rest of the weekend was spent looking for a sofa – not the ideal day out when you are rather hungover but a McD’s Bacon Cheeseburger soon sorted me out. Found a new sofa on Sunday at ScS – it is lovely Italian Leather and was only £675. Well, it was meant to be about £800 I think but was reduced to £699 and was then meant to be £35 delivery but Dad got it for a bargain price for me! : ) Only trouble is I will be waiting 5-6 weeks for it! Oh well, it will be worth the wait i’m sure. The one in the photo is shiny leather but mine is going to be a matt finish.

New Sofa

I also bought a beautiful table and chairs yesterday in Homebase – a bargain at £169.99 and fits in the room lovely. Will look forward to having a few dinner parties in the future! (the photo’s a bit dark but you get the idea…)

Dining Table

Kitchen - Day Three

So, by Sunday evening the lounge was looking a bit more homely. Obviously, candles, photos, vases and cushions were a priority! Anyway, now that I have my flat I feel like a very very lucky girl and can’t thank my parents enough for all of their help.

Lounge - Day Three

The photos are a bit dark – I took them yesterday evening and was too tired to figure out the correct settings on my new camera! You get the idea anyway… and you may even be invited to see it in real life soon enough!

More photos in the flat gallery

October 05, 2006

Moving tomorrow…

Follow-up to Moving pretty quickly… from For blog's sake

My last blog entry was ‘moving pretty quickly’, in fact things have been moving so quickly that I haven’t had chance to blog an update! Am actually moving tomorrow!!

Went to the solicitors on Monday to sign the contract. Have spent this week buying a bed, TV, fridge/freezer, wardrobe/set of drawers/bedside table, hoover, kitchen junk, contents insurance etc etc – it’s been an expensive week! But the real expense will be tomorrow when the deposit, solicitors fees etc gets taken out of my bank account and we have completion!

Got the day off work tomorrow to move in. Hopefully should get the keys around lunchtime once the money has gone through. Then have both my bed and sofa arriving tomorrow afternoon between 12-6pm and will spend all day carting boxes up and down the stairs!

Going out tomorrow night to celebrate being absolutely broke and having a scary mortgage for the next 30 years!! Exciting stuff!!

September 29, 2006

Moving pretty quickly…

Follow-up to Buying a flat! from For blog's sake

This buying a house malarky is a funny business.

I hadn’t really heard from my solicitors for a couple of weeks or so then they rang this morning and said that they have received all of the documents regarding the mortgage and they have completed all of the searches on the property and they are ready for me to go and sign for the flat!!

I’m not sure exactly what signing for the flat means… but she did say that once I had signed then I could be in within a week… in fact, her words were: “If you come in and sign on Monday you could be in by this time next week” – aarrgghhh. Am going to the solicitors at 10am on Monday morning to sign the papers and then going straight to Ikea!

It’s funny how you feel like nothing is happening but really it’s all going on behind the scenes and then the next thing you know it’s time to move and you haven’t even packed! Eeek! Am very, very excited but still have so much to get… shopping this weekend me thinks :)

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