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October 05, 2006

Moving tomorrow…

Follow-up to Moving pretty quickly… from For blog's sake

My last blog entry was ‘moving pretty quickly’, in fact things have been moving so quickly that I haven’t had chance to blog an update! Am actually moving tomorrow!!

Went to the solicitors on Monday to sign the contract. Have spent this week buying a bed, TV, fridge/freezer, wardrobe/set of drawers/bedside table, hoover, kitchen junk, contents insurance etc etc – it’s been an expensive week! But the real expense will be tomorrow when the deposit, solicitors fees etc gets taken out of my bank account and we have completion!

Got the day off work tomorrow to move in. Hopefully should get the keys around lunchtime once the money has gone through. Then have both my bed and sofa arriving tomorrow afternoon between 12-6pm and will spend all day carting boxes up and down the stairs!

Going out tomorrow night to celebrate being absolutely broke and having a scary mortgage for the next 30 years!! Exciting stuff!!

September 29, 2006

Moving pretty quickly…

Follow-up to Buying a flat! from For blog's sake

This buying a house malarky is a funny business.

I hadn’t really heard from my solicitors for a couple of weeks or so then they rang this morning and said that they have received all of the documents regarding the mortgage and they have completed all of the searches on the property and they are ready for me to go and sign for the flat!!

I’m not sure exactly what signing for the flat means… but she did say that once I had signed then I could be in within a week… in fact, her words were: “If you come in and sign on Monday you could be in by this time next week” – aarrgghhh. Am going to the solicitors at 10am on Monday morning to sign the papers and then going straight to Ikea!

It’s funny how you feel like nothing is happening but really it’s all going on behind the scenes and then the next thing you know it’s time to move and you haven’t even packed! Eeek! Am very, very excited but still have so much to get… shopping this weekend me thinks :)

September 12, 2006

Buying furniture

Follow-up to I want to go shopping… from For blog's sake

Yay! I bought a new sofa for my flat on Saturday…


Decided on brown instead of red as it would be more versatile and allow me to be more colourful with my accessories : )

Just need to buy a bed, TV and fridge/freezer now… Oh, and send a rather large cheque to the solicitors else I won’t be moving at all!

September 07, 2006

Buying a flat!

Follow-up to My pad… from For blog's sake

LoungeI feel like all I have been blogging about lately is myspace – apologies for that!! And I have so much more interesting things going on in my life at the moment…

...such as buying my flat!!

I went to view the flat on 17th July and decided pretty much there and then that I wanted it. I went to Barcelona on the 19th July so all I could do before I left for holiday was say “yes, I wan’t it” and then start to sort things when I got back.

Buying a flat is a strange process…

Everyone says that it is one of the most stressful things ever – but this does not apply if you are a first time buyer and you are not desperate to move. To be honest, I don’t really have a clue what is happening… and that isn’t such a bad thing! Everything is in the hands of the solicitors, my mortgage advisor and the mortgage providers – in my case Alliance and Leicester. There isn’t really much for me to do – apart from get excited and start buying furniture!

I went for a mortgage appointment ages ago so that I had an idea of how much mortgage I could afford. I then registered with a couple of Estate Agents (Dixons were particularly rubbish!) and viewed one flat three times! I’m not buying that one though – the one that I am buying is in the same cul-de-sac in Castle Bromwich and is a private sale. It’s a little more expensive but has been completely re-decorated so I can literally just move in. The original flat that I viewed would have needed completely gutting and it’s still up for sale too.

Anyway, we rang around a few solicitors to get quotes. Sarah Dwight Solicitors in Birmingham are acting on our behalf and although they weren’t the cheapest they seemed a much more friendly lot and didn’t mind explaining things – which is useful for me since I don’t have a clue!

So I have received the list of fixtures and fittings and a plan of the property (although the plan was wrong and my flat had the wrong number on it!) and I am now about to send off a cheque for the solicitors to start the searches on the property. The flat had the valuation yesterday so I am just awaiting the valuation report – fingers crossed all is ok.

It’s pretty odd because it feels like nothing much is happening. I had no idea how long it would take for it all to go through, especially since it is a little more complicated as the lease on the property also needs extending. I was told it would probably take a few months which would have been October – I called the solicitors a couple of days ago and they reckon I could be in by the end of the month! I had better go buy a bed!!

August 08, 2006

I want to go shopping…

Follow-up to My pad… from For blog's sake

Ok, this may be somewhat premature since – all going to plan – I won't actually be moving into my flat for about 3–4 months… but I can't help looking for furniture!

I want this sofa...


August 02, 2006

My pad…

So, this could be my new home…


A couple of days before I went on holiday to Barcelona, I went to view a flat in Castle Bromwich. That same evening we phoned the guy who owns it, and told him we wanted to buy it!

It all happened a bit fast and I was slightly dazed by it all at first but am now very excited about the prospect of having my own place (and mortgage – eek!)

In my head it is already decorated – lots of colour, patterns, cushions, shelves, books, pictures, candles… the usual girly stuff!

Its slightly frustrating that I won't be able to move in for about four months – there are some technicalities with the lease!

At least that will give me some extra time to save more money for the candles and cushions – oh and the sofa, bed, tv, fridge, wardrobe….

A few more pics in the gallery

July 18, 2006


Follow-up to We're staying in a palace! from For blog's sake

Sagrada FamiliaYay - I am going to Barcelona tomorrow with my two cousins - Katrina and Maria – and I can't wait!

Maria landed in Birmingham today from Indonesia and I am picking Katrina up from New Street at 9pm (she lives in Leeds).

I have yet to buy some travel insurance and euros and have not even thought about packing although I have done a bit of fake–tanning ready for the beach :)

I think its probably as hot here as it is over there at the moment (which for me is a bit too hot) but at least I can have a dip in the sea to cool down.

We are flying from Coventry at about 5:30pm tomorrow evening so will have tomorrow to pack and have a quick read of the tourist guide to check which bar to go to first!

In other news - i'm buying a flat!! Eeeekkkk! More on that another time…

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