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March 30, 2007

Celebrate good times…


I predict exciting days ahead…

Next weekend is my cousin Laura’s wedding. I can’t wait! It’s a momentous occassion. People who know me know how many cousins I have and how important they all are to me. I have one male cousin out of a total of about 15 and he is the only one who is married. Laura will be the first of the girls to tie the knot and it is going to be a good party!

The preparations for the wedding have already taken about two years (it seems like more!) but the big day is creeping closer and suddenly becoming a lot more real! Last night was the wedding rehearsal at the church… I hope the actual day isn’t so chaotic – none of us could stop giggling… especially since the grooms middle name is Algy.

Tomorrow my cousin Maria comes home from Indonesia – the last time she was home was last summer so she hasn’t seen my flat yet! I am very excited about showing her so have got lots of housework to do tonight to make it nice and tidy! We are going out tomorrow night for a few drinks to celebrate her coming home and my cousin Katrina who lives in Leeds is also home for the weekend.

On Wednesday my aunty Mag from Dublin is coming over with my second cousin Sarah who is about seven years old. On Thursday I am going to take her and cousin Rosie to Twycross Zoo for the day with a picnic and everything!

Then it’s Easter weekend and final preparations for the big day. My cousin Catherine and her daughter Caitriona are coming from Dublin on Saturday and then all the family will be home except for Joey who can’t make it as he is in America : (

On Easter Sunday we have to go to the church so the florist can dress the altar and pews and we have to do a quick run through for my cousin who missed the rehearsal!

Then the wedding is on Easter Monday – I can’t imagine the chaos on the day and the tears and the excitement. Laura, the bride cried walking down the aisle for the rehearsal let alone the real thing! The reception is being held at Nailcote Hall and the food and everything sounds lovely. DJs from BRMB radio station are the entertainment for the evening so it should be a great party! Tuesday I will be recovering from the hangover and enjoying the wedding breakfast at Nailcote Hall and then Wednesday it is back to work!

A busy week and an exciting one! Bring it on….

January 08, 2007

Hopes for 2007

Ok, so it’s a week late…

I shan’t call these my new year’s resolutions because to be fair, I don’t resolve to keep them all – they are more like hopes and intentions… I am so non-committal.

So in 2007, I hope/plan to…

Take advantage of the fact that the ‘Best Midlands’ is currently a great place for live music and new/unsigned bands. I plan to see more live music (at the end of 2006 I saw The Twang, The Gravity Crisis, The Ripps, Untitled Musical Project, Murdoch, Deluka) and I reckon if you haven’t heard of any of these bands yet – you might in 2007. The Twang were recently named one of the sounds of 2007 in a poll published on the BBC website.

I also plan to improve my knowledge of the arts (and also theatre). When I was younger, I considered myself to be fairly artistic. I wasn’t bad at art and I enjoyed taking trips to galleries in Birmingham but recently I have stopped doing these things so I need to start again… As a first step towards improving my knowledge of the arts, I have enrolled in an history of art module with the Centre for Lifelong Learning ‘Artists in context’ which starts tomorrow evening.

Along a similar line to above – I intend to watch more documentaries and less reality TV. I watched a great programme the other night about the drug/gang culture in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro which was fascniating. Also, I saw a great programme advertised that is on tonight about the California music scene during the 60s and 70s so I will be tuning in to that. And I hardly watched any of the mind-numbingly rubbish Soapstar Superstar or Just the Two of Us.

I also intend to make better use of this blog. I have trained as a journalist and I work in Communications so I hope that I can produce more interesting reading matter on here instead of just general chit-chat about my flat and stuff! Expect more reviews…

I should probably make note of a resoultion suggested by my Mom. She told me I should ‘make a concerted effort to find a boyfriend’. Now, I am not sure exactly how you are meant to ‘make a concerted effort’. It’s not like I’m not keeping my eyes/options open – the right one just isn’t coming my way… plus the fact that I am committment-phobic is a slight hindrance here. Which brings me to my next resolution…

‘Say yes and worry less’. By say ‘yes’ – I just mean, take advantage of the opportunities that come my way instead of fretting about them and worrying ‘what if?’ all the time. I think I will go and buy ‘Yes Man’ by Danny Wallace and see if that helps… although I am not going to say ‘yes’ to everything – so don’t ask!

Another thing I need to remember this year is that I am only 24 years old – not 44!! Since I got my flat and my mortgage I have been staying in more (which is fine since it will help me to fulfill the aims above) but to fulfill my other aims such as find a boyfriend and enjoy the Birmingham music-scene a bit more, I need to remember that it is ok to go out on a work night, a large proportion of my weekend should not be taken up with hoovering and tidying up, and I have the rest of my life to save money. But then when you have a nice cosy flat to go home to it is tempting to become a hermit!

So there we go – my ‘hopes’ for 2007 – we’ll see how it goes…

January 03, 2007

I don't need broadband anymore…

Follow-up to I need broadband… from For blog's sake

...I need a new laptop! It died on Christmas Day!

I took it to a local repairs place and they said something about the platinum discs that make up the hard drive being knocked and damaged? I had the hard drive on the damn thing replaced in October 05 and I think that this second ‘breakdown’ signals the end for my little laptop.

I suppose one good thing is that I should be able to take advantage of the January Sales to find a decent offer. Anyone want to recommend where I should start looking?

Another good thing is that I never actaully got around to sorting out a broadband connection when I said I needed one – good job I was too lazy… I mean, busy!

The annoying thing is that if my hard drive is not retrieveable all of my iTunes and a lot of photos have gone. Lesson learnt – upload photos to Ringo or Truprint!

November 24, 2006

Ta da…

Follow-up to The wait is almost over… from For blog's sake

My lounge

That is all – and now I can rest : )

November 21, 2006

The wait is almost over…

Follow-up to Buying furniture from For blog's sake

After over 6 weeks of being sofa-less and sitting on a mattress in my lounge, my new sofa is due in just two days! I can’t wait!

New Sofa

I was expecting it to be delivered last week some time but it was delayed and so it has now been arranged for Thursday. Luckily the delivery people have said they will call an hour before they arrive to ensure someone will be home – Mom and Dad will be accepting the delivery for me so when I get home from work my new sofa will be all happy in it’s new home!

November 13, 2006

Be my guest

So at the weekend I finally got my guest bedroom sorted!

Since I moved in to my flat, the second bedroom has been a bit of a dumping ground for boxes of ‘stuff’ – shoes, books, bags, coats and a load of other things… so on Saturday I went to the Bed Warehouse and bought myself a single bed for my guests!

As soon as we put the bed in there it was like a completely different room – it looked much bigger than before and also the fact that it now has a bed in it makes the whole flat seem bigger – like a two-bedroom flat should be!

Spare bedroom

I still need to add a few bits – a couple of pictures on the walls, some book shelves, mirror, bedside lamp etc… Oh, and the other slight problem is that the mattress for the bed is still on the floor in my lounge acting as a make-shift sofa!! I have been told that the sofa should be in the warehouse as of Wednesday so have my fingers and toes crossed that it will be delivered to mine on Friday!

Then once the sofa and the spare bed are sorted I can start thinking about parties…

EDIT: Oooh – I just noticed… my bed cover is colour co-ordinated with my blog! : )

November 06, 2006

I am a proper fully fledged adult…

So today my first mortgage payment was debited from my bank account! Being an official home-owner suddenly seems a bit more real!!

Yesterday, my parents came around for tea. It was really nice to be able to invite them around to my flat and give them food – I won’t say ‘cook’ them food as I think that is over-egging it a bit. We just had garlic slices, feta, peppers and chillis in oil, cold meats, salsa, houmous, breadsticks to start and then beef burgers with onions and cheese. Yum yum. I would have liked to ‘cook’ something more credible but Mom bought the burgers and insisted we have them! I was going to do Pumpkin Soup but forgot to get the recipe off Casey – oops.

The first day that I got the keys to my flat, the man who sold it to me gave me some champagne, chocolates and flowers as a gift so we opened the champagne and had that with dinner and had the chocolates after. I think that was the first time I have had champagne with a beef burger!

Mom and Dad

We also got some more odd jobs done around the flat at the weekend. My dad made me some great new shelves last week for my bedroom so we fitted those in place properly – and naturally, decorated them with fairy lights!


And my aunt bought me a really lovely clock for my lounge. It is especially nice because I was with her and my cousins when I went to New York and Grand Central Station.

My cool clock

The flat is getting more and more homely every day and I feel really settled there already. It feels like I have lived there for ages!

Oh – except I am still waiting to get my sofa!

October 24, 2006

I love my flat

Had a busy weekend of DIY in my flat – it does sometimes come in handy having a dad who is a carpenter.

Got lots of odd jobs done… put blind up in the kitchen, put coat hooks up in the wardrobe, fitted a booster aerial to my TV… Dad made me a stand for my TV/DVD player etc. I even used the washing machine for the first time and put the bin bags out on Monday! : )

The living room…

My Flat 5

The living room…

My Flat 4

My new TV stand…

My Flat

The kitchen…

My Flat 2

My girly bathroom…

My Flat 1

There are still a few things to do. I need a couple of shelves in the bathroom and a new mirror, I need to figure out how to use the heating (at the moment I am relying on the blow-heater in the lounge) and I am still waiting for the sofa! Shouldn’t be too long now, but in the meantime am feeling the hippy vibe sat on a mattress in the lounge with a couple of big cushions!

October 20, 2006

I need broadband…

Writing about web page

So I need broadband in my new flat and need to find a good deal…

Someone has already recommended Talk Talk…

You pay £8.99 a month for the call plan which gives:
  • Unlimited number of calls between all customers on the TalkTalk network for up to 3 hours per call at no extra cost
  • Unlimited number of inclusive calls to any local and national UK landline number, anytime

You then pay £11 line rental and broadband is included ‘free’.

So for £19.99 a month you get all calls and broadband.

That sounds alright doesn’t it??

October 09, 2006

A very lucky girl

Follow-up to Moving tomorrow… from For blog's sake

Well that was a busy, daunting, exciting, exhausting, fun, emotional and rather hungover weekend and I feel like a very lucky girl!

Spent Friday morning hanging around waiting for a call from the solicitors….waiting, and waiting…. then got a phone call to say that there was a sight discrepancy on the money…. more waiting around…. eventually got the keys at about 1pm.

The guy who sold us the flat was a very lovely man. He met us at the flat at 1’o’clock and gave me the keys. It was quite weird opening the front door for the first time, knowing it was now mine! He gave me a gift of champagne, chocolates and flowers for my moving in present. It was pretty emotional when he left… the flat was his mothers who died two years ago. It has remained empty since then and he wasn’t sure what to do with it. I think it was sad for him to finally let go of his mothers home and he said he wished I would be as happy there as his mother had been which was lovely.

Moving in...

We then had to move the fridge, tv, wardrobe, drawers, cushions etc in while we were waiting for the delivery men to arrive with the bed and the sofa. The sofa arrived first…. and rather embarrassingly, it didn’t fit through the door! I felt a bit silly since I have told everyone how great my sofa is! Not so great if it doesn’t fit in the room. The two delivery drivers and dad tried their hardest to push it through the door! It did manage to get through the front door but couldn’t quite make the 90 degree angle and step up through the inside porch door. So they then had to heave it back out and stick it back on the lorry – bye bye sofa!

Next the bed arrived… in three parts. Dad and I had to bolt the headboard and footboard(?) to the base which was easy enough and then try to manouevre it around the room and find the best spot for it. Mom and aunty Mary then took over putting the bedding and pillows on!

Bedroom - Day Three

It was a pretty tiring day and by the evening I was exhausted but my cousin Katrina had come home from Leeds for a Brummie night out so I went home and got ready for a night out at the Arcadian. Had a great night and got a little tipsy and stumbled in around 3am. Luckily it was my parents house, not my new flat that I stumbled into so I knew how to get my drunken self to bed safely.

The rest of the weekend was spent looking for a sofa – not the ideal day out when you are rather hungover but a McD’s Bacon Cheeseburger soon sorted me out. Found a new sofa on Sunday at ScS – it is lovely Italian Leather and was only £675. Well, it was meant to be about £800 I think but was reduced to £699 and was then meant to be £35 delivery but Dad got it for a bargain price for me! : ) Only trouble is I will be waiting 5-6 weeks for it! Oh well, it will be worth the wait i’m sure. The one in the photo is shiny leather but mine is going to be a matt finish.

New Sofa

I also bought a beautiful table and chairs yesterday in Homebase – a bargain at £169.99 and fits in the room lovely. Will look forward to having a few dinner parties in the future! (the photo’s a bit dark but you get the idea…)

Dining Table

Kitchen - Day Three

So, by Sunday evening the lounge was looking a bit more homely. Obviously, candles, photos, vases and cushions were a priority! Anyway, now that I have my flat I feel like a very very lucky girl and can’t thank my parents enough for all of their help.

Lounge - Day Three

The photos are a bit dark – I took them yesterday evening and was too tired to figure out the correct settings on my new camera! You get the idea anyway… and you may even be invited to see it in real life soon enough!

More photos in the flat gallery

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