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November 24, 2006

Ta da…

Follow-up to The wait is almost over… from For blog's sake

My lounge

That is all – and now I can rest : )

'Life as a guy'

Hilarious animation…

I recognise the girl’s in it – in fact I think I am one of them (minus the extreme violence and psychotic behaviour!!)

November 21, 2006

The wait is almost over…

Follow-up to Buying furniture from For blog's sake

After over 6 weeks of being sofa-less and sitting on a mattress in my lounge, my new sofa is due in just two days! I can’t wait!

New Sofa

I was expecting it to be delivered last week some time but it was delayed and so it has now been arranged for Thursday. Luckily the delivery people have said they will call an hour before they arrive to ensure someone will be home – Mom and Dad will be accepting the delivery for me so when I get home from work my new sofa will be all happy in it’s new home!

November 15, 2006

Celebrity look–nothing–likes…

These things are ridiculous…I don’t look like any of these people – although Alicia Silverstone, Jessica Alba and Paula Abdul is quite a compliment – we all know I don’t look like them!!

And who the hell is the woman in the middle?! I don’t look like i’m about 70!! Last week I didn’t even look 18!!

November 13, 2006

Be my guest

So at the weekend I finally got my guest bedroom sorted!

Since I moved in to my flat, the second bedroom has been a bit of a dumping ground for boxes of ‘stuff’ – shoes, books, bags, coats and a load of other things… so on Saturday I went to the Bed Warehouse and bought myself a single bed for my guests!

As soon as we put the bed in there it was like a completely different room – it looked much bigger than before and also the fact that it now has a bed in it makes the whole flat seem bigger – like a two-bedroom flat should be!

Spare bedroom

I still need to add a few bits – a couple of pictures on the walls, some book shelves, mirror, bedside lamp etc… Oh, and the other slight problem is that the mattress for the bed is still on the floor in my lounge acting as a make-shift sofa!! I have been told that the sofa should be in the warehouse as of Wednesday so have my fingers and toes crossed that it will be delivered to mine on Friday!

Then once the sofa and the spare bed are sorted I can start thinking about parties…

EDIT: Oooh – I just noticed… my bed cover is colour co-ordinated with my blog! : )

November 06, 2006

I am a proper fully fledged adult…

So today my first mortgage payment was debited from my bank account! Being an official home-owner suddenly seems a bit more real!!

Yesterday, my parents came around for tea. It was really nice to be able to invite them around to my flat and give them food – I won’t say ‘cook’ them food as I think that is over-egging it a bit. We just had garlic slices, feta, peppers and chillis in oil, cold meats, salsa, houmous, breadsticks to start and then beef burgers with onions and cheese. Yum yum. I would have liked to ‘cook’ something more credible but Mom bought the burgers and insisted we have them! I was going to do Pumpkin Soup but forgot to get the recipe off Casey – oops.

The first day that I got the keys to my flat, the man who sold it to me gave me some champagne, chocolates and flowers as a gift so we opened the champagne and had that with dinner and had the chocolates after. I think that was the first time I have had champagne with a beef burger!

Mom and Dad

We also got some more odd jobs done around the flat at the weekend. My dad made me some great new shelves last week for my bedroom so we fitted those in place properly – and naturally, decorated them with fairy lights!


And my aunt bought me a really lovely clock for my lounge. It is especially nice because I was with her and my cousins when I went to New York and Grand Central Station.

My cool clock

The flat is getting more and more homely every day and I feel really settled there already. It feels like I have lived there for ages!

Oh – except I am still waiting to get my sofa!

November 03, 2006

Do I really look 17??

I just got asked for ID in Tesco when buying a nice bottle of red wine!! It wasn’t even like I was buying cheap cider or Lambrini!!

I know that the new slogan is something like – ‘If you look under 21, we will ask if you are over 18’ – but really, that is ridiculous – you have to be 18 to buy wine so surely this implies she must have thought I was younger than 18! I am 24! And anyway, I don’t look under 21 either – do I?!

Normally I would be embarrassed in these situations but I just smiled nicely and replied “that’s a nice compliment for a Friday afternoon”. I guess that’s what you are meant to say when you get a bit older!

November 02, 2006

Is it too soon to be excited?

At the weekend I booked my flights for my summer holiday to Indonesia – am going to Bali, the Gilli Isles and Lembongan and I am pretty excited! The tickets arrived in the post on Tuesday – I was quite impressed!

My cousin Maria lives in Jakarta and works in the British International School over there so she regularly visits Bali for long weekends and half term breaks etc. She has just returned from a week over there and I think she is already making plans for our holiday – she isn’t called ‘military Moylan’ for nothing!

I will be travelling there with my cousin Katrina (Maria’s sister) and Kat’s boyfriend Dave. I had a fab time in Barcelona with Maria and Katrina this summer so am expecting even more fun next year!

Just need to save all of my money until then – pretty tricky with a mortgage etc but will be worth it i’m sure!!

On this cold wintery day, it’s nice to have something sunny to look forward to!

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