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August 29, 2006

The Beauty of MySpace

Follow-up to MySpace from For blog's sake

So, the MySpace page seems to be going well…

We now have 11 friends and I have received a few favourable comments about the idea but I can't believe that it didn't provoke more of a response here… I was kind of expecting a "why would you want to do that? what's the point in myspace - I don't get it?" so it was nice to receive some positive comments instead.

Our 'friends' so far consist of student bands (Jaffa Rose and Carter Manoeuvre), bands who will be playing the SU (Delays and Boy Kill Boy), PunkSoc society, Research (the new SU night) and a couple of students. Now I will just sit back and wait for some more friends…

But before I go, a little something for those of you who wanted to say 'what's the point in myspace - I don't get it?' but didn't... I received an amusing email this morning forwarded from an old friend of mine who produces University Yearbooks:

Morning boss,
I would like to thank you for setting up a myspace page. This has enabled me to trace friends of your friends and discover that the world is beautiful by proxy…
mate of Ellie's… link
mate of Ellie's mate… link
leading to the holy grail of 'mate of Ellie's mate's mate'... link
Oh…...My…......God…..... and then check out HER mates!?!?!?!?!?!?

So as you see – MySpace has so many useful purposes! No, but really – it does…

August 24, 2006


Writing about web page

MySpaceI have been working on a Warwick myspace page… (gasp!)

With the growing popularity of sites such as Facebook and Bebo, it just seems another way to reach out to prospective students, current students and alumni.

Some of you may be cynical but myspace signed its 100,000,000th member earlier this month so obviously there is an audience out there. It will be interesting to see whether it takes off – and if it does, it will be another way to keep Warwick people connected! What do you think?

So, if you have a myspace profile… maybe you are a Warwick society or band, student or alumni?? Warwick University wants to be your friend…

August 23, 2006

The Public

Writing about web page

It's funny how things work out…

The PublicTwo years ago I had an interview for the position of PR Assistant at The Public Arts Centre in West Bromwich. Luckily for me, I didn't get the job.

The Public has so far cost £40m and has already gone into administration. In April this year, 8 people were made redundant including the projects Chief Executive, Sylvia King. Administrators, Pricewaterhouse Coopers said at the time that a further 14 job cuts were regrettable but necessary (BBC News Article)

There seems to be mixed feelings about The Public – the council support the project but members of the local public seem to be confused as to what or why the building exists. It will be interesting to see whether the centre ever opens at all…

The Public featured on the BBC News last night and seeing the trouble it faced just made me glad that I was never offered the job! It's funny how things seem to work out for the best – even if you don't always realise it at the time.

August 22, 2006


Boy or girl?An interesting question that I was faced with earlier…

Is the University of Warwick male or female?

Answers with reasons please!

August 21, 2006

BB Banner

Follow-up to Big Brother Final from For blog's sake

So, I went to the BB Final of Friday. I didn't really make it onto the TV but if you watched (very) carefully, you will have been able to see my lovely banner (courtesy of Casey and Jo).

BB Banner

After the torrential rain in Coventry held us up we managed to make it down to the Elstree Studios in Borehamwood at around 7pm. Despite being in the first group of audience members to be let in, we had a not–so–great spot in the crowd. We were facing the house beneath where the ex–housemates were sat hence why we didn't really get on the telly (the cameras all tend to face the house so we were out of shot!)

Before the live show started, Davina came out to do a little rehearsal and speak to the crowd. Casey and Jo, you will be pleased to know that the great Davina spotted the banner – she read it aloud and proceeded to cross her legs and gave me a thumbs up. Her midwife was on hand at the final just in case she did go into labour – luckily she was not needed!

The other people in the audience were what you would expect of BB fans really… I imagine that they are also the people who apply to be in BB! A lot of loud people who are pretty irritating. There was one woman stood near us who shouted obscenities every time Aisylene's name was mentioned. The bouncer said he would chuck her out if she continued! Another guy bought a plain white t–shirt and marker pen with him and threw it up to the ex–housemates and asked Shabaz to get everyone to sign it! I imagine it is probably on E–bay today!

Anyway, it was a good evening and I was just glad it didn't rain! The fireworks and glitter streamers were really good and it was interesting to be at a live show! I'm not sure whether I would go again but i'm glad that I have been. Thanks Sam!

August 17, 2006

Big Brother Final

Ok ok – some of you may think less of me for this – but I don't care(!) – I'm going to the Big Brother Final tomorrow : )

Everyone has told me I need to take a banner so I was looking for suggestions…

Nothing too rude/insulting pls!!

August 08, 2006

(The) Varsity

Now I had a little debate about this at lunch time… Is it 'the Varsity' or just 'Varsity'??

I am quite sure the pubs actual name is just Varsity but do people say 'the' or not? I always say 'Are you coming to the Varisty?' but apparently I am wrong!?


I want to go shopping…

Follow-up to My pad… from For blog's sake

Ok, this may be somewhat premature since – all going to plan – I won't actually be moving into my flat for about 3–4 months… but I can't help looking for furniture!

I want this sofa...


August 07, 2006


Follow-up to Non–birthday from For blog's sake

Last year, my birthday was a bit of a non–event. I started work here on the 15th August and my birthday was the following day so I didn't have much time for celebrations – I was too concerned with starting a new job and making a good impression.

This year, my birthday is a non–event for a different reason… There are so many other things going on that I haven't really organised a specific birthday celebration – the whole week will just be a variety of celebrations…mostly other peoples.

On Friday (11th) I am having a night out in Birmingham with my cousin Maria as it will be her last chance for a Brummie night out before she goes back to Indonesia on the 18th. On Saturday (12th) it is my Mom's birthday and I will be deserting her (sorry Mom!) and heading to Leeds with to my cousin Katrina's, house warming party/bbq/night out. We are staying in Leeds on Sunday night too and going out in Chapel Allerton where Katrina used to live. Me and Maria will get the train back to Birmingham on Monday – not looking forward to that hangover.

I have the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off work – I suspect I will need this time to recover(!) Not sure what I will be doing yet but guessing it will involve playing tennis and going shopping for some new house stuff in anticipation of all of my birthday money (wishful thinking!) My cousin Anna also gets back from her travels in America on Monday so will have to catch up with her and reminisce on our New York adventures. Wednesday is my birthday : ) – think I will just spend it relaxing and going for a nice meal with my parents.

On Sunday (20th), I am heading to London for the day. My friend Zoe is having a picnic in Regents Park for her daughter's first birthday. It will be a lovely day and our trips to London are always a a great opportunity to catch up with old Uni mates. Another mate from Uni, Olivia, is coming from Shrewsbury to stay at mine on the Saturday before going to London – We will, of course, be going out in Birmingham for another non–birthday booze–up.

So as you see – a very hectic birthday week with a lot of non–birthday celebrations! Am looking forward to it!

August 02, 2006

My pad…

So, this could be my new home…


A couple of days before I went on holiday to Barcelona, I went to view a flat in Castle Bromwich. That same evening we phoned the guy who owns it, and told him we wanted to buy it!

It all happened a bit fast and I was slightly dazed by it all at first but am now very excited about the prospect of having my own place (and mortgage – eek!)

In my head it is already decorated – lots of colour, patterns, cushions, shelves, books, pictures, candles… the usual girly stuff!

Its slightly frustrating that I won't be able to move in for about four months – there are some technicalities with the lease!

At least that will give me some extra time to save more money for the candles and cushions – oh and the sofa, bed, tv, fridge, wardrobe….

A few more pics in the gallery

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