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May 31, 2006

Such an idiot…

Tax DiscI can be so dim sometimes!

I received my vehicle licensing reminder (V11) in the post a few weeks ago and then suddenly realised last night that my tax disc expires today!

So, I bought my Certificate of Motor Insurance and my MOT Test Certificate to work with me this morning and went straight to the Post Office to get a new tax disc. I handed my documents over to the woman behind the counter, who quickly pointed out that my MOT certificate expired last June.

Realising that I had bought the wrong one with me, I decided that I would have to drive home and get the right one to ensure that I would be able to renew my tax today – I am petrified of the new vehicle licensing adverts that claim that the computer can tell if you haven't renewed your tax and will automatically send you a fine!

I drove home and went straight to my boxfile with all important documents in (i'm very organised!) – only to discover that it was not in there. Suddenly panicing, I went back out to check the car, to find that the MOT certificate had been in the glove box all along and that I had not needed to make the hour round journey home at all!

What a waste of a lunch hour!! Grrr

May 27, 2006

The others…

Writing about web page

I've never really been interested in genealogy or tracing my family history – but it's always interesting to see what a google search throws up…

The other Eleanor Lovells...

Eleanor Lovell died in 1681 – link

A friend of mine saw a ghost of a young woman whilst she was helping out at a school, in a building, which used to be known as Knowle Manor. The staff at the school told my friend, ‘Oh, that would have been Eleanor! A sad story; she died on her wedding day, a long time ago, accidentally locked herself into a large chest in a game of Hide & Seek, died of suffocation.

The Urban Myth about Eleanor being locked in a chest during a game of hide–and–seek, apparently comes from this poem…

The Mistletoe Bough - Thomas Haynes Bayley (1884)

The mistletoe hung in the castle hall
The holly branch shone on the old oak wall.
The Baron's retainers were blithe and gay,
Keeping the Christmas holiday.

The Baron beheld with a father's pride
His beautiful child, Lord Lovell's bride.
And she, with her bright eyes seemed to be
The star of that goodly company.
Oh, the mistletoe bough.
Oh, the mistletoe bough.

"I'm weary of dancing, now," she cried;
"Here, tarry a moment, I'll hide, I'll hide,
And, Lovell, be sure you're the first to trace
The clue to my secret hiding place."

Away she ran, and her friends began
Each tower to search and each nook to scan.
And young Lovell cried, "Oh, where do you hide?
I'm lonesome without you, my own fair bride."
Oh, the mistletoe bough.
Oh, the mistletoe bough.

They sought her that night, they sought her next day,
They sought her in vain when a week passed away.
In the highest, the lowest, the loneliest spot,
Young Lovell sought wildly, but found her not.

The years passed by and their brief at last
Was told as a sorrowful tale long past.
When Lovell appeared, all the children cried,
"See the old man weeps for his fairy bride."
Oh, the mistletoe bough.
Oh, the mistletoe bough.

At length, an old chest that had long laid hid
Was found in the castle; they raised the lid.
A skeleton form lay mouldering there
In the bridal wreath of that lady fair.

How sad the day when in sportive jest
She hid from her lord in the old oak chest,
It closed with a spring and a dreadful doom,
And the bride lay clasped in a living tomb.
Oh, the mistletoe bough.
Oh, the mistletoe bough.

A bit creepy… Let's hope this Eleanor Lovell doesn't meet the same fate!

May 26, 2006

Kenilworth Festival starts tonight…

Follow-up to Kenilworth Festival from For blog's sake

Kenilworth FestivalThe Kenilworth Festival starts tonight! Get down to Talisman Square at 6pm to enjoy Celtic folk group, Rack and Ruin and a nice glass of wine!

Events are happening all weekend – and the weather forecast has finally cleared up so we won't be soaked on Abbey Fields on Sunday!

May 15, 2006

Most random weekend…ever

So I got up at about 2:30am on Saturday morning and headed to Birmingham International Airport with my cousins Laura and Anna – wearing rather fetching Cowgirl hats! Trashy I know! Met my other cousin Jenni there and flew to Murcia in Spain!

Anna and LauraJen and I

Spent the morning walking around the local city of Cartagena and trying to find a supermercado so that we could get some booze to drink by the pool in the afternoon. It was a bit overcast and subsequently, no–one put any sun lotion on – there were a few sunburnt brits by the end of the day! Went for a swim in the less–than–warm swimming pool but the sun managed to break through the clouds a few times to dry me off!

My cousins Laura and Anna couldn't resist the opportunity to get on BRMB again as they broadcast live from the poolside in the afternoon. I think my highlight was when Laura nearly started to cry live on the radio as she was talking about Anna departing to New York tomorrow! It was a fab day and we met lots of nice people!

See the rest of the photos of La Manga

On Sunday, we then ended up heading to Celebrity Soccer Six at St Andrews footy ground. We got into the VIP area with lots of d–list celebs including Caprice, Rebecca Loos, lots of Big Brother has–beens, some of the Hollyoaks cast, Lee Sharpe, Roy Walker(!), Jeff Brazier – you know the sort! To be fair, I was quite pleased to see Maggot, Eggsy and a few from GLC. We didn't stay until the end of the day because we were all shattered from the day in Spain! All in all, it was a very random weekend and very fun!

May 12, 2006

A strange coincidence…

DucklingLast night I was on a date, and found out that the guys parents have the same name as my old pet ducks from when I was about 8 years old – Rosie and Robert.

This isn't Rosie or Robert – it's just a cute duckling.


May 10, 2006

Jetting away for a day…

Writing about web page

BRMBJust found out that I am going to La Manga in Spain for the day on Saturday!! Its a competition on BRMB radio called 'Jetaway for a Day'!

My cousin, Anna, won two tickets for her and her sister, Laura….and then Laura won two tickets for me and my cousin Jenni! Woo hoo!!

We have to be at Birmingham International Airport at 4:20am and then we arrive in Spain at 9:30am. Not sure what time we leave at but am told that we are doing a historical walk in the morning and then chilling out by the pool in the afternoon!!

Fun way to spend a Saturday!

Picture taken from BRMB website

May 02, 2006


Writing about web page

Yay! Very excited about going to see Trainspotting at the theatre tonight. Quite interested in how they will recreate the film version on stage though – quite a challenge I should think.

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