December 13, 2006

Is it weird… Google search someone that you like to find out a bit about them?

Is that abnormal behaviour or is it acceptable to want to find out about them before getting involved??

And doesn’t everyone Google search themselves/their friends from time to time… Or is that just me too?

EDIT: For the record, I haven’t done this lately. I was just wondering because when I suggested it to a friend they looked at me like I was odd!

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  1. Allan Smith

    If it’s for the purpose of creating an online shrine, then it’s approaching weird. I have the court orders to prove it.

    13 Dec 2006, 11:31

  2. Yes, but I’d prefer it if you didn’t release those papers Allan. :(

    13 Dec 2006, 13:35

  3. I wouldn’t say it’s that weird, but then again that’s coming from me :S
    It’s just another way of finding things out about them, such as asking their friends, and if you ‘like’ them then it’s not bad – Just don’t stalk them.

    13 Dec 2006, 13:37

  4. I remember when I stalked Gavin. That was fun.

    13 Dec 2006, 19:28

  5. That was more spur of the moment wasn’t it? You didn’t give off the impression that you’d been following me for months or similar

    13 Dec 2006, 23:53

  6. Perfectly normal I should say. What happens when we google you though? Eleanor Lovell or Ellie Lovell

    Is that what you would want potential ‘suitors’ to know about you?!

    14 Dec 2006, 09:40

  7. Eleanor Lovell

    I have nothing to hide Case! ; )

    14 Dec 2006, 09:44

  8. Although you’re now on the WB frontpage admiting to stalking :P

    14 Dec 2006, 11:05

  9. Eleanor Lovell

    I haven’t admitted to stalking! Just being a little nosy perhaps!

    I know a couple of old friends who managed to get back in touch with me by finding me on Google and I was really pleased about that.

    Also, I have Google Analytics tracking search terms that bring people to my blog and two people have got to it by searching ‘Eleanor Lovell’ – although that may be since I blogged about this!

    Holly – you will be interested to know that someone got to my blog by searching “myspace holly cruise” so I would be more worried that you have your own stalker!

    14 Dec 2006, 11:16

  10. It is, of course, absolutely fine to google anyone you please.

    14 Dec 2006, 12:09

  11. Mathew Mannion

    People get to my blog in a number of disturbing google ways:

    1. what to take to uni (550 people)
    2. kirsty mccall (293 people)
    3. things to take to uni (198 people)
    4. how to tell a girl you like them (136 people)
    5. mathew mannion (112 people)

    Quite disappointed with my stalker count really. So of course, the answer is Ellie, that you can stalk me whenever you want!?

    14 Dec 2006, 12:42

  12. How do you get all those things Mr Mannion? I believe it to be some special google tool that only the gods hold.

    14 Dec 2006, 13:51

  13. Mathew Mannion

    You create blog entries with those terms as titles. Pretty much guarantees you the top.

    14 Dec 2006, 14:10

  14. Eleanor Lovell

    Mat – why aren’t you worried that 112 people have searched for you? Or is it just you searching for yourself?

    14 Dec 2006, 14:25

  15. Mathew Mannion

    It’s probably just family or my loyal legion of fans. I’m not overly fussed :)

    14 Dec 2006, 14:31

  16. They may be looking for another Mathew Mannion.

    14 Dec 2006, 14:51

  17. Mathew Mannion

    They may be looking for another Mathew Mannion.

    Possible, but since there’s only 4 in the world, it’s a little unlikely :) I’m by far the most famous Mathew Mannion.

    My guess is that it’s just Eleanor stalking me…

    14 Dec 2006, 15:35

  18. Look, everyone does the stalking thing.
    It’s such fun. Yeah, it’s weird, I do it any way, I don’t care.

    14 Dec 2006, 17:04

  19. Eleanor Lovell

    I don’t ‘do the stalking thing’! I am just naturally inquisitive…

    14 Dec 2006, 17:09

  20. Holly – you will be interested to know that someone got to my blog by searching “myspace holly cruise” so I would be more worried that you have your own stalker!

    Not really. I suspect it’s probably relatives, I’ve got the least active Myspace ever and a few of my cousins have still managed to find it recently.

    14 Dec 2006, 17:29

  21. I have google analytics too! I think 2 people have searched for ‘hollyzone’ and 7 people have searched for me, but what’s scary is the 80 odd (very odd, clearly) people who have googled ‘Sam Boulby’. And also the army of people who ‘hate Tesco’, ‘Tesco is evil’ and whatnot.

    15 Dec 2006, 10:15

  22. Allan Smith

    Tesco’s alright. Sainsbury’s tried to sell me drugs though.

    15 Dec 2006, 11:46

  23. anonymous

    Sainsbury’s suceeded in selling me drugs.

    19 Dec 2006, 08:52

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