October 20, 2006

I need broadband…

Writing about web page http://www.talktalk.co.uk

So I need broadband in my new flat and need to find a good deal…

Someone has already recommended Talk Talk…

You pay £8.99 a month for the call plan which gives:
  • Unlimited number of calls between all customers on the TalkTalk network for up to 3 hours per call at no extra cost
  • Unlimited number of inclusive calls to any local and national UK landline number, anytime

You then pay £11 line rental and broadband is included ‘free’.

So for £19.99 a month you get all calls and broadband.

That sounds alright doesn’t it??

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    From what I’ve heard from other people, TalkTalk are really, really slow at getting you signed up (I guess since it’s “free” broadband they’ve got a lot of new customers)

    20 Oct 2006, 10:48

  2. Eleanor Lovell

    Thanks Mat, I just checked their site to see how long it might take and at least they are honest:

    How long might it take?
    Your free broadband 1 might take a little longer to go live than we would like. There is huge demand for this amazing offer and there are lots of local difficulties to deal with, so even with our engineers going full tilt, there’ll be some customers we can’t connect immediately. However, we will give you an estimate of the current order timescales when you check the availability of free broadband in your area.

    Luckily, i’m not in too much of a hurry anyway.

    20 Oct 2006, 10:56

  3. Steve Rumsby

    The other thing to say about so-called free broadband, at least according to some people who have spoken to ma about it, is that you get what you pay for. They’ve got to be cutting corners somehow, and don’t expect not to notice. That said, I know people who seem quite happy with TalkTalk in particular, and people who complain about broadband that costs money. I suspect it comes down to expectations. If all you are doing is simple web surfing and email you’ll probably be completely happy with one of the free broadband services, so why pay for one? But if you are going to be downloading music/video/software and doing other bandwidth intensive stuff, you might want to think about paying.

    Are you tied into a minimum contract period with the TalkTalk service? Can you easily escape if it turns out to be rubbish?

    20 Oct 2006, 11:21

  4. Eleanor Lovell

    Good point Steve – I hadn’t thought of that! I will read the small print first!

    Also, about bandwidth stuff… it says you get:

    Up to 8 Meg 1 (8 Megabits per second) Broadband
    An enormous 40GB monthly usage allowance
    Easy installation with TalkTalk’s recommended modem.

    Is 8 Meg a lot? I wonder if you have to use their modem or not – that’s another £30

    20 Oct 2006, 12:09

  5. Mathew Mannion

    8Mbit is a lot, but you’re tied to 40GB a month, although that shouldn’t be a problem if it’s only you using it.

    20 Oct 2006, 12:19

  6. Also be wary of the “up to” – it removes the guarantee that it will be that speed.

    20 Oct 2006, 13:21

  7. Jo

    I think it sounds good Elle, if it’s only you using it, and you are only using it for emails, myspace and shopping then you’ll be fine. It might be wise to check the contract length as Steve says, but come on you can talk to people on the phone for free!!

    I think you should go for it, and I respect them for being honest about their problems.

    They seem to be much more honest and up front than some companies that you pay good money for are.

    20 Oct 2006, 13:41

  8. Steve Rumsby

    Two comments about “up to 8Mb”:
    1. How fast your connection ends up being will depend on the quality of your line, how far you are from your exchange, etc. An “up to 8Mb” connection might only run at 2Mb. The only way to find out is to try it.
    2. However fast the raw connections ends up being, even if it is 8Mb, how much you can push through that connection depends on how many other people are using it. I suspect one of the corners cut by those offering “free” broadband is that they stuff a lot more people on the system than others, for a given capacity, ultimately meaning the load is heavier and things work more slowly. Again, for light use you may not care, or even notice, especially when it is “free”. It is down to expectations, again…

    20 Oct 2006, 14:20

  9. I’d like to not recommend Talk Talk as they are terribly incompetent if you have problems.
    Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it.

    20 Oct 2006, 19:24

  10. Really don’t go anywhere near TalkTalk! My partner and his housemates have had lots of problems and spent two weeks trying to get through to them (getting through to the Sales dept was obviously fine) and when they did, they were little more than incompetant. The speed and availability of connection has also been a constant problem since they switched to TalkTalk. The only bonus is that if you get the phone package it doesn’t cost anything to spend 3 hours at a time trying to get off hold.

    I was with NTL last year, and we had no major problems that I can recall- only the usual ones of attempting to speak to a human which is nothing unusual with automated telephone systems – and never had any issues with the service going down. From the general view of NTL, we were obviously lucky….

    20 Oct 2006, 20:17

  11. Agree with Max & Hannah – my boss at work has been having terrible problems getting any assistance since his broadband dropped out almost completely, 3 weeks ago.

    20 Oct 2006, 22:33

  12. Steve Rumsby

    Try the ISP Comparator on ADSLguide to get an idea of the releative merits of various ISPs. Just as an example, I’ve compared TalkTalk, Virgin (my ISP) with several of the other major ISPs, here.

    TalkTalk and Tiscali seem to come out the worst of the group in all categories. NTL do OK, except when it comes to customer service. Etc. – you can read the graphs as well as I can! These comparisons are based on customers opinions, submitted through the ADSLguide web site, so they are probably fairly trustworthy, although I guess the selection of customers is far from random.

    21 Oct 2006, 10:33

  13. dave

    pipex are very reliable

    25 Oct 2006, 01:07

  14. I have Virgin Broadband which is £14.99 a month and has no contract. It’s very good.

    25 Oct 2006, 15:27

  15. Eleanor Lovell

    I need a package that has phone calls included really as I am on a bit of a budget!

    25 Oct 2006, 15:52

  16. Steve Rumsby

    If you haven’t made a decision yet, you might find this story interesting:


    14 Nov 2006, 10:29

  17. Eleanor Lovell

    Thanks Steve – I appreciate that. I still haven’t made a decision yet but looks like I won’t be going with Talk Talk…

    14 Nov 2006, 10:45

  18. colin

    dont touch it with a barge pole. I signed up in August and am still waiting. Attempts at communication result in constantly being put through and cut off and being different reasons why it has not come through. I am so disgusted with them I have written to Charles Dunstan and like broad band am still awaiting a response. Go with a decent company

    11 Dec 2006, 16:25

  19. RichP

    Hi, as a Warwick graduate I thought you might like to use my site to find your next broadband deal: http://www.broadband-expert.co.uk :-)

    24 Nov 2007, 12:18

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