January 03, 2007

I don't need broadband anymore…

Follow-up to I need broadband… from For blog's sake

...I need a new laptop! It died on Christmas Day!

I took it to a local repairs place and they said something about the platinum discs that make up the hard drive being knocked and damaged? I had the hard drive on the damn thing replaced in October 05 and I think that this second ‘breakdown’ signals the end for my little laptop.

I suppose one good thing is that I should be able to take advantage of the January Sales to find a decent offer. Anyone want to recommend where I should start looking?

Another good thing is that I never actaully got around to sorting out a broadband connection when I said I needed one – good job I was too lazy… I mean, busy!

The annoying thing is that if my hard drive is not retrieveable all of my iTunes and a lot of photos have gone. Lesson learnt – upload photos to Ringo or Truprint!

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  1. Steve Rumsby

    It is at times like this that IT people love to say, “But weren’t you doing regular backups?”

    If your local guy’s diagnosis is correct and the disk platters (I assume he said “platters”, not “platinum”) are damaged, then it is almost certainly beyond economic repair. There are companies that can perform miracles and extract data from very damaged disks, but they do charge a fortune so probably aren’t worth it unless you’ve lost some valuable stuff. But there should be no need to replace the whole laptop unless you really want a new one. A replacement disk should cost less than £100 (plus the time to reinstall everything). The money you save would pay for broadband for a couple of years!

    So, anyway, weren’t you doing regular backups?

    03 Jan 2007, 14:02

  2. Eleanor Lovell

    Come on – only IT people do regular backups!

    Platters…platinum… – I would say potatoes potatoes there, but that only works when you say it rather than write it! Anyway, it all sounds the same to me and means even less. From what you say Steve, I imagine you can only tell if the platters are damaged if you take the computer apart?? I’m not sure how he knew what exactly was wrong with it – he just tried to turn it on and then said it was wrecked.

    He did say it would cost about £80 to get a new 80GB hard drive and they would try and retrieve the data but to be honest I have had it for about five years so think it is time for a new one….

    03 Jan 2007, 14:12

  3. Mathew Mannion

    only IT people do regular backups!

    I don’t know anyone who does regular backups (except on stuff at work, because that’s slightly more important). I don’t think I’ve backed anything up in my life… :)

    03 Jan 2007, 14:22

  4. Steve Rumsby

    I don’t know anyone who does regular backups

    But don’t you have anything important on your machine at home? Hard disks do break. Not very often, true, but that’s no consolation if you’ve lost your entire digital photo collection. Fires happen too, as do burglaries. I guess if you are happy to lose stuff…

    I have had it for about five years so think it is time for a new one

    I would tend to agree, there. After five years a PC is past its best, and a laptop probably moreso. I haven’t looked much a laptops recently, so I don’t have any suggestions right now. What are you after – just a general purpose machine? Or are you a closet gamer…?

    03 Jan 2007, 14:37

  5. Eleanor Lovell

    I’m a closet gambler…not really. Just want to play with iTunes, store photos, and do some internet surfing at home, check emails etc. Think I will have to pay a visit to PC World!

    03 Jan 2007, 17:04

  6. Get a Mac. 2 year warranty and big discount under the education scheme and also ultra stylish.

    Mac OS X can play music, store photos, handle email and web browsing far more elegantly than any PC :)

    03 Jan 2007, 17:12

  7. Steve Rumsby

    I used to not recommend PC World because friends had bad experiences with them and they aren’t especially cheap, but I’ve not heard any bad things about them recently, and some of their sale prices are pretty good. I have been known to shop there myself occasionally! Take along somebody who knows at least a bit about these things (the difference between “platter” and “platinum”, for example:-) so you don’t get blinded by the patter of the PC World sales droids.

    Dell have some decent-looking offers on their website at the moment. Try the Inspiron 1501, for example.

    03 Jan 2007, 17:28

  8. I don’t know anyone who does regular backups

    I do! That’s why I bought that USB external hard drive. Easy to copy over precious photos and stuff on a weekend. It would be better for regular users if Windows pointed you towards backing up and had an easier-to-use Backup program than the one provided. Anyway you’ve just reminded me that I left my external drive back at my parents’ house in Birmingham :)

    03 Jan 2007, 21:48

  9. Get a Mac. 2 year warranty and big discount under the education scheme and also ultra stylish.

    I have a mac. 17” Powerbook G4. The hard-drive died after a few months. Lost nearly all my photos of my second trip to China (including some really beautiful ones taken from the Great Wall when only me, my friend and 3 American tourists were on it).

    So yes the mac is stylish. And it’s great. Unless you want to webchat with your non-mac, non-aolfriends. Or you want to play a load of decent games.

    04 Jan 2007, 00:04

  10. Exactly.
    Mac is gay.

    04 Jan 2007, 03:22

  11. Mac is gay.

    Really? Last time I checked my iMac hadn’t tried to climb into the sack with my PowerBook, but who knows what these things get up to. Perhaps, just like the toys in Toy Story, they have little (and in this case rather adult!) lives of their own when I’m not around.

    08 Jan 2007, 13:06

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